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Gardenuity’s Donna Letier Talks Inspiration, Growth, and Her Favorite Dallas Spots

The Dallas Company Makes the Magic of Gardening Possible for All

BY // 07.27.21


MISSION: To build healthier communities by making gardening and gardening experiences accessible to everyone. Customized container vegetable and herb gardens matched to your city and the season. A few of my favorite garden collections include the Taco Toppings Garden, Cocktail Garden and our Salad Garden.

What inspired you to make your idea/vision a reality.
Donna Letier: Gardening impacts people’s health, both mentally and physically, and that is part of our ethos. We wanted to bring gardening to corporations and consumers as a wellness benefit — as a way to nurture the mind and body. The home-gardening industry was dominated by the legacy market approach of siloed consumer-goods companies and brick-and-mortar retail that had not moved to a consumer-centric approach. We felt like the industry’s view of the gardening experience was dated and stale, thus creating an enormous opportunity for a vertically integrated brand.

Your proudest accomplishments as an entrepreneur.
DL: My proudest moments are when I hear from customers who are celebrating their own “I grew that” moment. This is exciting and rewarding, because I know we have made a difference in someone’s life.

How living in Dallas has helped you grow your business. And how it’s helped you grow as a leader.
DL: I feel like I’m always moving full steam ahead to the next goal, challenge, and milestone, and Dallas is exploding with innovative, smart people who make themselves available to entrepreneurs. I’m inspired by how accessible they are. The people in Dallas don’t just lead businesses; they have created supportive communities where we can go to be heard, ask questions, and connect with others.

Gardenuity Dallas
Gardenuity sends custom gardening kits to your door.

What you hope to accomplish in the future.
DL: At Gardenuity, we create experiences that connect gardening and wellness. We want the brand to help reimagine what gardening looks like in the years to come. A future that shows how gardening can be done anywhere and is synonymous with wellness, food, and fun is a win. I hope one day I hear that someone who experienced gardening with Gardenuity went on to lead a movement in farming and came up with a treatment for Alzheimer’s or a whole new way to approach wellness.

Describe your typical day.
DL: There’s nothing glamorous about it. I’m a morning person, so I’m up early, which affords me some me time for a run, a quick scan of my email, and a little mindful time in the garden. I usually try to be in the office by 7 am, and my husband helps get my daughter Jillian ready for the day. When I get home, I try really hard to be present for Jillian; she will say, “No phone, mama,” and that is always a great reminder of personal priorities. Scott and I will tag-team on dinner, and then I spend time getting Jillian ready for bed and her next day of activities. Then I get to turn my attention to me and take a nice hot bath with some fresh rosemary.

Local charities you’re involved with.
DL: A few nonprofits I’m passionate about include UT Southwestern, Feeding America, The Family Place, Genesis Women’s Shelter, and Heroes Academy, which supports lifelong success for adults with special needs.

Your go-to Dallas restaurant.
DL: Il Bracco in Preston Center.

Your favorite Dallas cocktail.
DL: The Usual from José on Lovers Lane.

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