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Design Obsession — Chad Dorsey Strikes

Designer Chad Dorsey's Stone Fireplaces are on Fire

BY // 07.13.20

Designer Chad Dorsey’s new  Strike collection of stone fireplaces are muscular, sculptural, and unlike anything else out there. “A lot of traditional fireplaces are already available, but there were hardly any modern options at all,” Dorsey says. “I started designing my own streamlined fireplaces for interiors projects and expanded upon that for the line.” His Strike collection includes seven styles, nine types of marble and limestone, and three finishes.

“It’s amazing how dramatically the stone changes with different finishes,” he says. “An out-of-the-ordinary finish can make a material you might never consider using much more interesting than if you used a polished or matte finish.” For example, his French Quarter finish on black marble gives the stone subtle pitting and imperfections that make traditional marble work better in contemporary interiors.

Chad Dorsey Portrait by Chris Plavidal PPC101019CP14066
Designer Chad Dorsey in his showroom, photographed by Chris Plavidal.

“People are more interested now in stones that have a lot more texture and movement of pattern,” he says. “Breccia Nuvole gray marble is one of my favorites, because it looks like lava stone, especially when it’s given a rough finish.” Dorsey’s marble is quarried from South America, while his gray limestone comes from Mexico, and  white marble from Vermont. Each design can be customized for size.

Strike, at Chad Dorsey Design, 1316 Slocum Street, Dallas, chaddorseydesign.com.

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