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From Unforgettable Weddings to Stunning Events, This Houston Floral + Events Team Specializes in Creating Memorable Moments

When Wedding Florists and Event Designers Are Needed, These Gurus Are on Call

BY // 01.15.19

Unforgettable weddings and stunning events don’t just happen. It helps to have true experts on your side, a team that’s dedicated to achieving your vision of perfection. One that has shown the ability to create memorable moments again and again.

Whether you’re looking for a dream wedding, a distinctive backyard party or an unforgettable work retreat, Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events  — a full-service floral and events company — takes botanical inspiration indoors and out. Lanson B. Jones’ experienced and creative Houston wedding florists and event designers are problem solvers who look at challenges as an opportunity to do something even more special.

Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events brings a unique perspective rooted in design that produces impressive, natural scenes.

“When we decided to diversify our brand, the floral design route was an obvious one because we work with the same products and some similar design tactics,” firm founder and principal Lanson Jones says. “There are other models of this all over the country, but we loved how unique it was in our community. Our floral design is deemed ‘garden inspired’ in that our arrangements are to seem as if they ‘grew that way,’ loosely structured, but still with meaning and purpose.

“We take our floral recipes and design methods seriously to create a product that not only brings to life a gorgeous event but unifies our brand and provides cohesion to who we are as a landscape and floral design team.”

While other landscape design firms in the United States have branched into florals and events, the model is unique in the Houston market to Lanson B. Jones. Over almost 25 years, Lanson B. Jones & Co has earned a reputation as the go-to landscape architect for translating the concept of the European-style garden to the scale of a Houston yard. The firm’s Italian, French, English and Modern designs are spread across some of the Bayou City’s most prominent neighborhoods.

In 2016, Lanson Jones decided it was time to take a step beyond garden design and maintenance. While the landscape architect’s trademark philosophy is all about order and symmetry, the designs of its sister floral and events company are decidedly organic.

The methods that the floral designers employ bring life to each event, and they also provide cohesion between the brand’s two distinct verticals — sometimes literally. It’s not unusual for the wedding florists to pluck bougainvillea from the bush, snip herbs from the kitchen garden or forage for other fresh greenery to mix in with unique stems.

It’s all about meeting the vision of the client — and creating a strikingly memorable event. Whether it’s a dream wedding or a company retreat that will be talked about by your employees all year.

Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events will create a stunning event design — based on your individual vision — and then take care of all the details, from start to finish. From the tabletop decor, florals, lighting, linens and more, Lanson’s experts will ensure everything goes right on your most important day. This is a truly bespoke, customized event design service.

“While we can say we are influenced by the design standards of Lanson B. Jones and Co., as they guide the principles of our overall company, LBJ Floral + Events has a tone and personality of its own,” a floral designer notes. “When a client reaches out to us, we first meet with them to gain a better understanding of the overall feel they are looking to achieve, then we begin to guide the process and design so that we can create the greatest impact.

“We’re more than just florists; we work with our clients to create an overall look and feel for their events, not just centerpieces. We may pull in a custom napkin, hunt for vintage ribbon for the bouquets, work with a graphic designer to create stunning menus for the tables, or source all the linens to ensure that they provide the ideal backdrop for the centerpieces. Just as our parent company is inspired by the architecture of the home, we are inspired by the client’s vision to create the ideal special event with design elements that go beyond just the florals. ”

Special Details Matter

The expert floral designers at Lanson B. Jones Floral + Event go to great lengths to make each event special. This is about delivering extraordinary weddings and events — with some of the top wedding florists and event designers in the South. This means making sure every detail, every little touch, every flash of color, counts.

Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events will create a dream setting — or make an already remarkable setting even more special.
Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events will create a dream setting — or make an already remarkable setting even more special.

When it’ your special day — whether that’s your wedding day or an outdoor party for the most important people in your life — you need floral design experts who understand exactly what you’re dreaming of and know how to execute it with flair and elegance.

From wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, from holiday home design to garden party tablescapes, Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events starts by meeting with the client to distill their vision, then executes the concept to the last detail for maximum impact.

This isn’t just about flowers. It is about creating beautiful scenes that live on in your memories forever.

Click through the photo slider above and below this story for examples of Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events’ work. For more information on their wedding and event design services, click here.

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