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Fort Worth’s Organizing Gurus Fight Clutter With Teamwork — and a Little Counseling

The Organized Nest is Women Powered and Growing

BY // 01.03.20

With the fresh new year upon us — like it or not — many people begin to purge their homes in hopes of a squeaky clean start. If you’re anything like me, you start these massive projects with the best of intentions and within a few days feel overwhelmed and it ends up halfway done. Ring any bells?

The Organized Nest has made a business out of taking other people’s clutter and creating aesthetically pleasing, yet functional solutions. This female owned and operated company has made large strides in Fort Worth and recently extended into Midland with no plans of slowing down.

It all began on a girls trip in September of 2011. While on this trip, Debbie Horton began talking to her friends and saw the need for organizational help. This conversation spurred Horton to found The Organized Nest. With a thriving and growing business, Horton hired Whitney Tevis in 2014.

Tevis’ background in marketing has taken the already booming business to new heights. In 2018, The Organized Nest expanded west to Midland.

“Whitney and I met through a mutual friend and has been with us for five years,” Horton says. “She has been such a gift to the company and I’m so thrilled for her to become partner in 2020.”

Cluttered Home, Cluttered Mind

Thanks to Marie Kondo and the ever-growing minimalism movement, organization is more on-trend than ever. Enter The Organized Nest. These organizing gurus come into a client’s home and assess their needs. They sit down with clients and review their budget, trouble areas, take measurements, analyze what can be tossed or donated, and then deliver beautiful and orderly solution that works for the individual’s real lives.

The process is custom tailored for every individual family and results vary depending on what the client needs and how they live.

“Clutter becomes very stressful for our clients,” Tevis says. “Material clutter becomes mental clutter. It becomes hard to get from point A to point B when you’re overwhelmed by your space. What would take you two weeks, could take our team a matter of hours. Our clients truly trust us to come into their spaces.

“It’s very fun and rewarding to help people and really see a transformation.”

The Organized Nest – Pantry
The Organized Nest uses clear or see-thru containers whenever possible to make things easy to find.

“It’s such a joy to see a look of peace and happiness come over a client’s face when they see a finished space,” Horton gushes. “We love knowing we got to be a part of the process that is bringing positive change to a customer is a wonderful feeling.”

The Organized Nest services a wide range of clientele. Horton and Tevis recognize that hiring a team of professional organizers is a luxury and strive to make it a worthy investment.

“Sometimes we have to put on our counseling hat and help people work through why they feel the need to hang onto certain material objects,” Tevis notes. “It’s very common for clients to have a hard time letting go.”

Moving Forward

A large priority for The Organized Nest is giving back to Fort Worth. The company takes a tremendous amount of pride in having worked with Cook Children’s Hospital. The project was to re-work the craft closet, play space and kitchen in the Child Life Specialist area. The process took a few days but, the end result was a true transformation. The staff and children were ecstatic and the project remains a highlight for The Organized Nest.

“It’s been a cumulation of projects over the last eight years that have brought us to where we are. Each client and project we learn more and evolve as a team of organizers,” Horton says.

Moving forward, The Organized Nest is excited to add Tevis as an incoming partner, but that isn’t all that’s on tap. The Organized Nest also has a valuable collaboration with The Container Store. The organization experts frequent The Container Store for their projects.

The new Midland Organized Nest is experiencing quick growth due to word of mouth alone. In addition to Fort Worth and Midland, Horton isn’t opposed to expanding east into Dallas either.

After all, there’s always a need for good organizers in today’s cluttered world.

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