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PaperCity Rooms — Vignettes that Capture the Imagination

Small Moments, Utterly Perfect Works of Art

BY // 04.27.20

In a new online series, Rooms, we comb through the design archives of PaperCity Houston and Dallas, from the years 2009 through 2020, and pull images that have endured — libraries, dining rooms, vignettes, drinks corners, kitchens, bedrooms, entrances, artists’ studios, and more. Some homes we will show in their entirety, including photographs not originally published, and some are simply favorite rooms and moments through the years. Good design holds its own. As we continue to look through archives, we will add homes and rooms we photographed from 1998 to 2009 … and there are some gems.

In the first segment of the series, we present Vignettes — small moments in a room that capture the imagination. Many of these images are a decade old, but I remember when each was published in PaperCity. Small works of art, utterly perfect. Enjoy!

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