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After Years in The Business, Dallas-Based Stone Boutique Expands to Luxury Tile

The Company Talks What's New and What's Next

BY // 04.19.23

If you’ve worked in the Dallas design industry, chances are you’ve taken a trip to Stone Boutique’s unparalleled showroom. Founded by Margarita and Francisco Acosta, and now owned by Architectural Surfaces, the company has been in the industry for 30 years. And while it has decades of experience bringing the most desirable stones to North Texas, the company is just getting started.

Stone Boutique focuses on the product and elevating the entire client experience.

Discovering a New Approach to the Industry

When launching Stone Boutique, the savvy Acostas sat down and explored a new approach to the industry. Gone were the days of large, stale warehouses with a small selection of slabs and no price transparency, all driven by the trade industry and fabricators. They listed every problem they saw with the industry and how Stone Boutique would fix it. Tenets that have now become integral to the store’s identity began to emerge, including the ability to visualize products and easy-to-understand pricing.

“They sat down and asked themselves how they could approach the industry in a way that wasn’t so archaic,” says Daniela Acosta, Margarita and Francisco’s daughter who now plays a critical role in the operations of the store.

“They created a process and patented software that focuses on our high-end clientele, designers, architects, homeowners, and more. Stone Boutique’s goal is to provide the ultimate client experience and be not just the best stone showroom in the city, but the client’s best stop on their entire home-building journey.”

Stone Boutique sources the highest quality of stone from all over the globe. From corner to corner and continent to continent, the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making sure Dallasites have access to some of the rarest products available. And now, thanks to Stone Boutique, North Texans don’t just have access to the best stone in the world, but the best tile too.

The products Stone Boutique brings to market as pieces of art themselves.

Expanding Into the Tile Business

Expanding into the tile business was a natural fit for Stone Boutique, increasing its offerings for clients and truly becoming a one-stop shop. The company now showcases a curated, luxury tile line including natural stone, mosaic, handmade ceramic, hand-glazed, and glass tile from Japan, Italy, Canada, and right here in the United States. And, while the collection is new, the company has already seen a big demand for its new products.

“When it comes to our new tile, we’ve seen everything from the most common uses such as flooring and backsplashes to extremely creative projects such as wrapping showers from the floor to the ceiling and special entryways that feature mosaic tile that imitates a rug,” says Daniela Acosta. “True artisans are creating these tiles and hand-laying their pieces. You can’t beat it.”

As for what’s next in the stone and tile worlds, Daniela Acosta says they’re seeing color creep back in after years of neutrals dominating the space.

Stone Boutique is seeing a re-emergence of color.

New Trends and What’s Next

“We’re seeing a lot of blues and greens,” says Daniela Acosta. “Clients and designers are moving towards incorporating color and creating unique, focus points of the home where they can then pick a stone and anchor around it. Creating a custom look, whether it’s through bold color or intricate details, is also top-of-mind for many people.”

And while the company may search high and low around the globe for the best products, they always return home to their newly expanded showroom in Dallas for good reason.

“Dallas is such a special community with some of the best people,” says Daniela Acosta. “Stone Boutique loves being integrated into the Dallas design community, sponsoring different industry events, and headquartering in the Dallas Design District. Dallas has some of the best designers in the country and we’re so lucky that our design community is incredibly rich in design.”

If you have not yet visited Stone Boutique’s showroom you may be missing out in how innovation is leading Stone Boutique’s industry transformation. For a personalized tour come and visit Stone Boutique’s USA flagship showroom in the Dallas Design District.

Want to explore the world of Stone Boutique? Stop by Stone Boutique’s showroom in the Dallas Design District at 1532 Slocum Street or visit their website to book an appointment so you can see it for yourself.