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Change Your Energy, Change Your World — The Layman’s Guide to Switching Energy Providers in Texas

BY Promoted Series Correspondent // 06.26.17

There’s seemingly no end to the choices a new homeowner makes. You choose a neighborhood based on walkability, commute and zoned school districts. You choose a wall color from hundreds of paint swatches promising slightly different shades of white. You choose your mattress — not too firm, not too soft, light on the chemicals, thank you. You choose light fixtures, sink faucets, perennials and pool chairs.

So why shouldn’t you exercise that same attention to choice when it comes to an energy provider?

As a Texas homeowner, you have the power to choose an alternative energy provider that aligns with your ideals and makes sense for your lifestyle. Want impeccable customer service and lower energy rates? Do you have a predilection for perks and discounts? Is renewable power important to you? Do you prefer a company that gives back?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, Direct Energy needs to be in consideration. Unlike agreeing on kitchen appliances, it’s easy to switch energy service providers. The simple process can be completed in no time — and there will be no interruption in your service.

The first step in switching electrical retailers is deciding what type of plan is best for you and your family. A fixed-rate plan offers predictability — the price per kilowatt-hour doesn’t change even if energy prices spike— while a variable-rate plan adjusts according to the cost of electricity. For those shopping around or afraid of commitment, Direct Energy offers short-term contracts that make it easy to switch without penalty. For those in it for the long haul, long-term contracts offer more price stability.

Direct Energy takes the mystery out of energy use,

Once you decide on a plan, switching is easy — and free. Simply find your most recent energy bill then call or go online to switch your provider, and Direct Energy will take care of the rest. If it doesn’t work out, you’re free to return to your old provider whenever you want. Within just one or two billing cycles, you’ll begin to see the benefits of customer choice.


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Unlike a barebones utility company touting low-now, high-later get-you-in rates — or the company your new apartment complex happens to have a deal with — Direct Energy offers competitive fixed-rate pricing to protect your pocketbook from fluctuating energy costs. They also offer access to customer service via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re a rewards junkie, you’ll love Plenti. New customers earn 1,000 points automatically upon enrollment in a new energy plan, and each month you’ll earn more based on eligible energy supply charges. You can also earn bill credits when you participate in a Refer-a-Friend program, get bonuses when you pay on time and, in some plans, can reduce your bill by up to 5 percent simply by lowering energy usage during peak times.

Direct Energy makes it easy for customer to use less of what they’re selling with an Online Account Manager tool. Not only can you pay bills and transfer service, the portal also offers Direct Your Energy, an easy-to-navigate usage insight tool that helps you visualize and understand how you use your energy at home, and helps you manage that usage so that you can ultimately spend less.

The Luci Lights are another way that Direct Energy shows it cares.

Direct Energy also offers plans that make a charitable impact, partnering up with MPOWERD to help provide lightweight, efficient Luci lights to families without access to electricity. By selecting the Give Brighter 12 plan, one Luci light will be sent to a global location without electricity and another one will be sent to your home. To date, Direct Energy has helped distribute nearly 31,000 lights through their partnership to parts of the world including Nepal, Haiti, Guatemala and Malawi.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and look into Direct Energy. Changing your energy provider can change your world. And it’s a whole lot simpler than deciding what color the nursery should be painted.

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