June 2016

June 2016

PARTIES: Saks Fifth Avenue’s trio of grand-opening events  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Latin American Gala • Becca Cason Thrash fêtes the Ritz Paris and Liaisons Au Louvre  Orange Show Center for Visionary Art’s Phantom Orange Gala Children’s Museum 35th anniversary gala  Margarita Madness at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft  Art League Gala Selven O’Keef Jarmon fund-raiser chez Poppi Massey

DECORATION: What’s new in the design whirl

TRAVEL: Conscious Cuba Classic American haunts • Four destinations to see now

DESIGN: The East Side home of Mela & Roam’s Courtney Barton

WEDDING: Fairfax Dorn + Marc Glimcher

ART: Reshaping art history — curator Alvia Wardlaw

STYLE: Music influencers Kam Franklin, Susie Criner and Annie Criner Eifler, Hannah Anderson