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$6.5 Million Blockbuster Tanglewood Mansion Turns Heads in Houston

Compass' Real Estate Power is Shown Off

BY // 06.10.19

What: Compass open house

Where: 5433 Tupper Lake Drive

PC Moment: The city’s real estate community poured in on a wave of enthusiasm to get a look-see at the Frankel Building Group‘s $6.5 million blockbuster home in Tanglewood and to celebrate the Compass foothold in Houston real estate. Compass agent Marnie Greenwood, who has the listing for the French chateau-inspired property, welcomed the throng to the cocktail reception/open house.

The thrill was on as real estate agents, potential clients and friends toured the 10,000-plus square foot space that was dramatically staged by High Fashion Home.

PC Seen: Scott Frankel, Kevin Frankel, William Finnorn, Suzanne Duin, Rosseanette Navarro, Paolo Neri, Benjamin Johnston, Deidre and Nathan Birge, Helen Perry, Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes, Shelby Rist, Sarah Livesay, Rajani Alavardo, Tatiana Bozic, Olivia Jorgensen, Will Hardy, and John Paul Tamborello.

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