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French Palace Mansion in the Dallas Countryside Hits the Auction Block for a Song

The Best Bargain a Mega Millionaire Can Find?

BY // 06.15.17
photography Photos courtesy of Concierge Auctions

Are you in the market for a new house? One with “a master suite wing,” a sitting salon, and a hair salon? It’s nearly impossible to find a place with a proper tea parlor and a full ballroom these days, but you’re in luck: You can now buy a French palace for a bargain price.

And this chateau happens to be within easy driving distance of Dallas.

A 48,000-square-foot mansion in Denton county named Champ d’Or, or “fields of gold,” is heading to the auction block on June 28. New York-based Concierge Auctions is ready to accept as little as $5.5 million for the property — a mere fraction of its $52 million building cost. (Of course, it’s likely to go for much more than the suggested opening bid price.)

Situated on Turbeville Road in Hickory Creek, Champ d’Or boasts six bedrooms, six full and eight half baths, a guest house, and a 20-car garage. The entire estate is fitted with opulent, European-style finishes, including countless chandeliers, ornate balconies, and solid marble floors. And, of course, the “Hall of Mirrors” style ballroom that you must see to believe.

This palace mansion was modeled after the 17th century Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte outside of Paris.

Cellstar Corp. Founder Alan H. Goldfield and his wife, Shirley built the lavish dream home, then placed it on the market shortly after it was completed in 2003. It sat vacant for nearly a decade before the Tabani family bought it in 2012.

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Now the 40-acre property, complete with a 1.5 acre lake, is being marketed towards commercial development. Perhaps twin reflecting pools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a racquetball court, a tennis court, and a veranda with room to seat 450 people are all too much for a single family to enjoy. C’est la vie.

Flip through the photo gallery a the top of this story to see the jaw-dropping estate for yourself.

A bit much? Oui. But we must admit, the two story Chanel-inspired closet is a dream house in itself.

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