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Midtown’s First High-Rise Sets Itself Apart with Australian Style, High-Tech Perks and Its Own Grassy Knoll: 27-Story Tower is No Cookie Cutter Building

BY // 10.20.18

Midtown Houston’s very first residential high-rise is springing up on Fannin, promising unparalleled views in a neighborhood that’s a mecca for young professionals — and partying. The luxury building, called 2850 Fannin, is already well under construction. Australia-based property developer Caydon is building it as part of a mega mixed-use development.

Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed in mid 2019.

The optics alone were a huge draw. Caydon’s confident renters won’t get enough of the exclusive, sky-high scenes the apartment offers.

“It’s the first residential high-rise in Midtown. The views have not been seen,” Caydon’s Derrek LeRouax tells PaperCity of his company’s first project in the United States.

“It’s an unusual opportunity in Midtown. Eight-to-nine story midrise developments are ubiquitous here. That’s not what we wanted to be that that’s not what we are.”

The $200-million, 27-story, 357-resident apartment tower will sit in the center of Midtown across from Midtown Park.


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“We started this almost three years ago. It was a site that was really specific to Caydon and checked a lot of boxes that we look for,” LeRouax notes.

“It’s that involvement in your community and proximity to local amenities. There’s the proximity to Midtown Park. It’s a fantastic, fantastic community amenity that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Midtown. The park programming and effort Midtown made to make it really the cultural heartbeat of Midtown — where better to be than right across the street?”

Part of the appeal is the accessibility of the park, since so much of the neighborhood is walkable. “It’s also a walkable area that really doesn’t exist anywhere else in Houston,” LeRouax says.

And for those who prefer to sit, there’s always the proximity to the light rail. “With the lifestyle that the younger generations are leading these days, public transportation is a big part of that that makes life easier,” LeRouax says.

An Australian Touch

Caydon takes the same approach in the apartment’s design — both in the individual, for-rent apartments and the complex as a whole.

Inside the streamlined apartments, which average about 1,000 square feet, the feel is very Melbournian. “It’s very different from the typical Houston offering. Some of the finishings available are clean, bright and airy in color,” LeRouax says.

“Great attention has been paid around each detail such as finger pulls to minimize the impact visually. We have waterfall countertop edges and smart spaces like desks and storage to maximize opportunity in the unit while providing a very attainable price point.”

2850 fannin pool deck
The 8th floor will feature a half-acre pool deck.

Ease was another major consideration, especially in the digital age. “Unique to Caydon, we believe that technology is only going to serve as benefiting our lifestyle in our future. It isn’t going away. It’s not a passing phase,” LeRouax says.

And so Caydon has incorporated several pieces of smart tech into the apartments.

Each unit features Latch, an electronic entry hardware system that communicates with a smartphone app to let you enter upon approaching or even set temporary passcodes to let dog walkers or other visitors enter.

The smart-learning Honeywell thermostat allows for recognition of temperature changes when the resident is present. It detects patterns and learns what the resident likes, with the resident never having to touch it again. Other smart appliances may well be on their way.

Caydon has packed the rest of the property with some surprising amenities.

“Inside the building, we have a lot of your standards, with a little twist,” LeRouax says. There’s a dedicated yoga studio along with your typical gym and plenty of cross-functional spaces for co-working areas as an elevated form of business center.

Outside, Caydon strived to create a backyard feel against the dramatic skyline backdrop. The Backyard covers almost a half-acre area on the 8th floor with a massive pool deck, swim-up bar, dining areas and outdoor cooking facilities. There’s even a knoll that slopes six feet above the rest of the space.

That’s right — a grassy hill right smack dab in Midtown. Just, you know, almost 10 stories up.

“It’s a little bit of a combo — general relaxed spaces for dogs to play and for people to relax,” LeRouax says. “It’s a lot of the backyard feel you’d fine at home. It’s for those people that feel that they’re sacrificing a backyard by moving into one of these units. We can accommodate that.”

That’s not even the best part of the great outdoors. The Sky Bar on the 27th level will sprawl over 4,000 feet of indoor and outdoor space looking directly over Midtown Park.

“It will be for resident use only, a unique space with a view that no one else has in Midtown,” LeRouax says.

As for the retail element, Caydon is planning on four to five yet-to-be-revealed tenants.

“We’ll have 13,000 square feet of ground retail,” LeRouax says. “We’re being very specific in who we target. Part of our ethos as a company is to revitalize communities. Our first tenant will not be Texas-based. We like the idea of offering something new.”

There are definitely high hopes in Midtown.


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