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2021’s Real Estate Trends — What the New Must-Haves Are, What’s No Longer Popular

Call on Christy

BY // 01.25.21

Everyone has real estate questions — these days more than ever. And who better to help than luxury real estate agent Christy Berry of Compass? Berry is one of most respected, trusted and experienced agents in Texas.

She tackles a new real estate issue every month in this new series dubbed Call on Christy. This month, Berry is talking trends. Which are here to stay and which is she happy to see go? We sat down with Berry to get the scoop straight from the source.

Q: What real estate trends are you the most excited to see expire?

I am happy to say goodbye to the “all white everything” trend. Is white really even a color anyway? People are craving warmth in their homes and they can obtain that through rich, deep colors. I love that we are going back to the era of my parents and Elvis where color was all the rage.

When people close their laptops for the night, they want to be comforted, and that does not come from enjoying their dinner in a stark, white kitchen. I predict that even the white bathrooms have seen their heyday.

Q: What real estate trend are you the most excited to welcome back?

The bar, baby! Sure, the rolling bar carts were all the rage for a while, but I never really thought those were here to stay. The bar room, thanks to quarantine, has made a comeback and the rich reds, blues and various hues of grey will compliment an evening old fashioned quite nicely. Or what about a zoom cocktail class? For me, it would be a cozy spot to enjoy my favorite IPA by the fire.

Q: What other trends can be directly linked to quarantine living?

People will never take for granted the ability to open their doors and walk out to enjoy a beautiful sunny day or some fresh air. And while that is always the preferred method of obtaining Vitamin D, lighting has become an essential part of new home constructions and older home renovations.

The stunning pool at 14250 Chaparral Lane in Roanoke, Texas

People want to know how much light comes in each room during the day and the facing exposure.  There are now cans you can install and switch the mood internally with the flick of a switch which is amazing. If you are building, be sure to involve a lighting contractor. You won’t regret it!

Q: What about entertainment systems for passing time indoors when the weather is less than ideal?

Televisions are popping up in all rooms of the home, however, that doesn’t mean you will actually see them. Masking televisions and entertainment systems as art has become all the rage. Want a space to watch television and enjoy a cocktail but don’t want it to aesthetically interrupt where you entertain guests?

Consider a Samsung Frame. It is such an interesting time in the world of television because as we continue to consume, consume, consume, the need for getting outside has never been greater. I was never allowed to watch more than one hour of television a day as a child and to this day, rarely watch television. For whatever it’s worth.

Q: Speaking of children, what are their hang out spaces looking like these days?

If quarantine has taught us one thing about our family dynamic, it is that kids are the kings and queens of the castle. And while more and more homes offer a “playroom” of sorts, lockdown showed us that that simply wasn’t enough. More and more, I am seeing dedicated spaces devoted to particular play.

For example, is your child an avid reader? The hidden reading nook under the stairs is a very popular option as of late. Does your son or daughter want nothing more than to spend the day playing make believe in a house that is all their own? Consider a standalone play house.

Adults are realizing more and more that if the kids are going to be at home, that there toys might as well be contained and/or displayed in style.

Q: And what about outside? This could potentially be an entire article but give us the run down on exterior trends.

Have you ever spent as much time outside visiting with neighbors as you did in 2020? If the answer is yes, bravo to you. If the answer is no, welcome to the front porch party. Whether you spent your quarantine on your front porch drinking a glass of wine with your neighbor or watching your neighbor, you spent it out front.

This year forced families to consider front porch amenities and comforts to make the neighborhood meet up more enjoyable. Think furniture updates, fire pit additions and even a landscaping “glow up” if you will. Our poor backyards are probably wondering what all the fuss is about out front. Hopefully 2021 brings a new year full of backyard pool parties and barbecues.

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