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The Real Untold Story of the World’s Most Famous Closet and the Texas Mansion That Houses It: Owner Gives Rare Insights as Estate Hits Market Again — a PaperCity Exclusive

BY // 05.20.18

There’s quite a story when it comes to the California-chic mansion at 47 Grand Regency in The Woodlands. Three stories, really. The Carlton Woods estate is famed for its triple-level closet, the sumptuous site of a hundred handbags, jewel after jewel, a rather infamous robbery and even a Gucci Mane music video.

Inside, it’s more upscale store than storage, with its own floating staircase. Yes, this three-story closet has its own floating staircase.

“There’s so much more about this house that’s amazing, not just the closet,” the house’s well-known owner Theresa Roemer tells PaperCity. There’s nowhere like it in Houston, the former Miss Texas adds. “I always said if I could never move back to Beverly Hills, I want Beverly Hills to be here.”

Theresa and Lamar Roemer have poured their hearts into the mansion, adding major elements and amenities during the 2016 renovation, such as a catering kitchen and sunken wine room.

The mansion is for sale again with a $7 million asking price, a dramatic drop from the $12.9 million price tag requested when it  first hit the market three years ago. The mansion in The Woodlands measures in at more than 17,000 square feet, and boasts seven en-suite bedrooms, eight full baths and three half baths.

The Roemers call it the House of Glass, built to bring the outdoors in. Their sky terrace offers a serene panoramic view of the Carlton Woods golf course and Bear Branch Reservoir.

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“It’s very California, modern, contemporary. You really don’t see houses like this,” Roemer says.

That stylish, current aesthetic is clear when you first walk in the grand entryway. A custom, $60,000 Egyptian chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

“I wanted something with a lot of crystal, but to reflect a modern, contemporary feel as much as I could without going over the top,” Roemer says.

You could argue that much of the mansion is over the top — but you wouldn’t be complaining. Its larger-than-life quality is part of its intense party appeal. The Roemers have hosted a New Year’s Eve celebration outside, turning the pool into a dance floor for 300 guests. They’ve had dinners inside that seated up to 500.

The catering kitchen allows for splendor of that scale. When the Roemers moved in, there was only one kitchen.

“I was like ‘Wow, how can you have a home this large and not have a catering kitchen?’ ” Roemer asks. So, she moved some walls around and created a 13 by 10 foot catering kitchen with subway tile back splash and absolute black granite.

The 10-foot island serves as a plating station.

“The catering kitchen just blows people’s minds. It’s just huge. Every catering company I’ve ever used is in love with this kitchen,” Roemer says.

The sunken wine room is the perfect fit for more intimate gatherings. Roemer converted a two-story wooden library to an airy wine room that can house up to 250 of your favorite bottles. Custom herringbone porcelain flooring and banquette seating complete the room.

The outdoor living area by the Olympic-size lap pool is another option, nestled next to the 12-foot fire pit and near a television where you can watch your favorite sports. Or there’s always the entertainment area with its wet bar, which comes with disappearing liquor drawers and back-lit glass front panel.

Entertainment opportunities and venues abound on the estate. But there is also plentiful space for down time, relaxation and me-time. There’s a private home gym to get in your workouts without ever leaving the homestead. And there’s even a private hair salon to get pampered after your exercise.

Three story closet bath
The master suite in the Roemer mansion features a luxurious bath tub.

But the most tranquil place of all is the master suite.

“The master retreat is gorgeous in and of itself, opening to an atrium. It’s every woman’s dream to have a master retreat of that size and that beauty,” Roemer notes. The dreamy suite comes with a silk-covered padded wall, raised sitting area, custom bed, custom white porcelain flooring. Sparkling crystal chandeliers provide light, and when you want it dark, you can use the electric remote to darken the shades.

There are also two family rooms, a formal living room, a formal dining room, a home theater and a multi-purpose play room.

Texas’ Most Famous Closet

The mansion has so much to offer, but when it comes down to it, Roemer admits she will miss the legendary triple-decker closet the most. “I’ve always been known to have beautiful closets. It didn’t matter if they were 10 foot by 100 foot or three stories,” she laughs.

At every place Roemer lived, during every party, women would always grab their glasses of champagne and ask to see the closet. “Why not build a closet so large we can have an event in it, because that’s where to women want to be?” she asks.

Women aren’t the only ones. Atlantic Records contacted Roemer back in 2016 about a well-known rapper interested in using her epic closet for a music video.

“I kind of didn’t take it very seriously. I thought ‘Oh, it’s probably just someone who wants to be famous.’ Then I heard who it was, and I was like, ‘Ok!’ ” Roemer remembers it vividly. “It was one of the most spectacular things that happened in this house,” she says. “I had a lot of security here, that’s for sure.”

The name of the song? “Nonchalant.” Theresa Roemer’s closet isn’t that, but that’s the fun of it.

Watch the music video:

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