Parody Accounts Mock Life at River Oaks’ Champagne Dreams Restaurants

Robin Leach Would Not Be Amused

BY // 09.06.17

Parody accounts are a time-honored social media tradition by now. If someone hasn’t bothered to make a fake account to mock you, you’re doing something wrong.

Two of Houston’s more successful restaurants — one an established power with a legion of River Oaks devotees, the other a new upstart with plenty of champagne style — don’t have to worry about that fate of the ignored. Brassiere 19 and its still new competitor a’Bouzy have both inspired parody accounts.

Falling somewhere in-between celebrity drama and a polarizing Kylie Jenner selfie, these parody accounts poke fun in sometimes biting, sometimes hilarious ways. With a fair share of outright misses.

The established Overheard at Brasserie 19 Instagram account features a slew of fake/real (who cares!) comical conversations that could have been overheard at the den of Houston’s rich and pampered. With posts like these, it is no wonder that the parody account has already picked up nearly 8,000 followers despite little to no mainstream publicity since its May debut:

What fuzzy dice & vanity plates were invented for #bmw #7series #foreigncars #overheardatbrasserie19

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#overheardatbrasserie19 #notreality #champagneonabeerbudget

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Brasserie 19 is the type of place that Robin Leach, the mind behind Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, would love. But it is Houston’s own — with a personality and feel unique to the nation’s fourth largest city. Overheard at Brasserie 19 sometimes seems to try and capture that.

Hot boyz baby you got what I want #sorrydallasnorsorry #fortworthischicthough #hotboyz #overheardatbrasserie19

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Of course, now Overheard at Brasserie 19 is not the only game in town. When Brasserie 19’s beloved general manager, Shawn Virene decided to go out on this own — and go after much of the same socialite crowd — with his new champagne bar/restaurant a’Bouzy, a new parody account quickly followed.

Overheard at a’Bouzy made its debut just one week after Virene’s new restaurant opened in late July. The account, similar to Overheard at Brasserie 19,  is all about snarky comments from affluent customers that may or may not have been eavesdropped on.

Which account is funnier — or sadder? And what other Houston restaurants would you love to see get the parody treatment? In the world of River Oaks dining, anything goes. As long as it’s not driving a Kia into the valet line.

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