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Fort Worth’s 33 Best Brunch Restaurants — Your Neighborhood by Neighborhood Guide

Plus, the One Dish You Must Order at Every Spot

BY // 10.26.21

Fort Worth’s brunch game is very, very strong. The city’s got a brunch for every taste from French to Italian, Mexican and Vegan. No matter your mood, whether you are flying solo with a morning paper under your arm, or meeting up with old friends for a leisurely, laughter-filled, catch-up session, there is a great Fort Worth brunch option for you.

This list is broken up neatly by neighborhood, so you can easily find the best brunch options near you. This is by no means an exhaustive, every Fort Worth brunch restaurant list. But it’s a great place to start your search for the perfect brunch in Cowtown, filled with one-of-a-kind, local restaurants that we return to time and again.

These are Fort Worth’s 33 Best Brunch Restaurants:


The Neighborhood: Clearfork

Fixe Southern Kitchen

Why We Love It: The breakfast menu is available from 11 am to 3 pm everyday (not just weekends) at Fixe. That means you can treat yourself to brunch seven days a week. Plus, within a set radius you can even have the restaurant’s famous biscuits delivered right to you door.

Must Order Item: Fixe Biscuits. No matter what you are having for brunch, add an order of Fixe Biscuits for the table. You can thank us later. Some of the best biscuits in town hands down. These pillowy discs come with whipped Steen butter, preserves and local honey.

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Fixe Southern House – Fixe Biscuits are a must.

B & B Butchers

Why We Love It: This true patio season paradise occupies a prime location within The Shops at Clearfork, with a view of the windmill. With its topnotch bar program, B&B Butchers is the place to perch for a boozy brunch and some people watching.

Must Order Item: Gorilla Bread. With its monkey bread base, Gorilla Bread is then topped with sage sausage patties, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.


Cru Wine Bar

Why We Love It: Cru’s cozy New York bistro vibe is charming. With its wall of wines and crisply designed interior, this is a place you won’t want to leave. Luckily, the food is inspired as well.

Must Order Item: Smoked Salmon Board. It’s a whole grain crostini with avocado cream cheese, pickled red onion, caper berries and soft egg set up. This is the upscale version of bagel and lox.


Malai Kitchen

Why We Love It: The non-traditional Thai and Vietnamese menu items make for a creative approach. You can load up on pancakes elsewhere. At Malai, you’ll be introduced to unexpected foods, many of which are savory items.

Must Order Item: Banh Mi French Toast. This light and airy French toast is made with banh mi bread. It’s tropically topped with flambeed bananas and coconut syrup — and served with breakfast potatoes and seasonal fruit on the side.


Press Cafe

Why We Love It: Put your name on Press Cafe’s waiting list and stroll around the Clearfork Farmers Market while you await your table on Saturdays. On sunny days, the patio is particularly full of life, right by the river. It’s the place to be.

Must Order Item: Egg in a Hole. These slightly sweet sourdough bread slices are grilled with a farmhouse egg in the center. Topped with prosciutto ham, cheddar and fontina cheeses, the dish is served with crispy breakfast potatoes.


The Neighborhood: Downtown

Toro Toro

Why We Love It: Located at the base of The Worthington Hotel, Toro Toro is dim and sexy by night, and sun-bathed by day. This brunch is only offered Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm, and there is even a “bottomless brunch.” If brunch cocktails are as important as the meal itself, Toro Toro is sure bet.

Must Order Item: Brisket Benedict. Smoked brisket atop toasted English muffins, topped with an aji Amarillo hollandaise sauce.

Toro Toro – 1 bottomless brunch
Toro Toro’s bottomless brunch is whatever you want it to be.

Little Red Wasp

Why We Love It: Conjured up by the team at Grace Restaurant, this brunch menu is full scale, not just a handful of breakfast items. You can go in any direction, from burgers to salads with ease.

Must Order Item: The Avocado Toast ― elevated. Picture grilled sourdough bread, whipped ricotta cheese spread and a sunny side up egg. It’s garnished with fresh radish rounds. Listed as a starter, this one can be shared or enjoyed as your main course.



Why We Love It: Open daily at 11 am, Reata is one of Fort Worth’s mainstays for brunch downtown. Think power brunch. With its Texacana decor and cowboy-inspired menu items, it’s also a great place to take out of town guests for a true flavor of Fort Worth.

Must Order Item: Reata Huevos Rancheros. This is about as Texan as brunch gets, with tender carne asada beef topped with poached eggs and fresh ranchero sauce, served with rice and beans.

Cowboy cooking like Huevos Rancheros at Reata.



The Neighborhood: South Main


Why We Love It: Tinie’s brings an inspired Latin brunch, which leads with a full cocktail and wine menu, just the way we like it. If you are meeting the entire crew, Tinie’s boasts a ton of shared appetizers to start the table off right.

Must Order Item: Papas Y Hongos Bravas. These are crispy potatoes, caramelized hen of the wood’s mushrooms, fresh salsa rojas and egg.


Hot Box Biscuit Club

Why We Love It: You can get your biscuit fix, and earn your club membership here as early as 7 am every day but Monday. The casual counter order fresh biscuit menu is simply made for brunching. Added bonus? You need to try he spicy paloma in a Mason jar.

Must Order Item: Big Boy. Sugar cane-brined fried chicken, seasoned with Hot Box’s own “tastydust” and topped with Vernon’s pimento cheese, buttermilk ranch and house-brined pickles, all piled onto a fluffy buttermilk biscuit. There is a reason it’s named Big Boy.


Taste Project

Why We Love It: This pay what you can restaurant welcomes everyone and is supported by volunteers and donors. Taste Project’s seasonal menus are both creative and satisfying, but be aware that there is no alcohol served here.

Must Order Item: Croque Madame. Just like you’d find in any park in Paris. The grilled sourdough sandwich is filled with ham, gruyere cheese and green apple slices. It’s covered in béchamel sauce and more grated gruyere cheese and topped with a fried egg. This is truly knife and fork territory.


Wishbone & Flynt

Why We Love It: This is one of those brunch menus that satisfies nearly everyone at the table, going from steak and eggs to classic French Toast. And Wishbone’s bloody Mary is something special.

Must Order Item: Dutch Baby. This updated twist on the crispy edged, baked pancake arrives in a small cast iron skillet. It’s filled with organic blueberries and topped with a drizzle of lemon verbena custard, and served with a side of bacon and cooked to order farm fresh eggs.

Dutch Baby served in a cast iron skillet at Wishbone & Flynt.


The Neighborhood: Northside

Joe T. Garcia’s

Why We Love It: The vast patio gardens are a wonderland — and just as magical by morning light as they are at sunset. Like the rest of the menu, Joe T.’s brunch offerings are not vast. But you get the greatest hits.

Must Order Item: Huevos Rancheros. Two eggs lightly fried, then topped with the restaurant’s famous mild ranchero sauce, served with creamy refried beans and Mexican style potatoes.

The central fountain at Joe T. Garcia’s, where brunch dreams come to life.

The Neighborhood: Magnolia

Fixture Kitchen and Social Lounge

Why We Love It: This Fort Worth brunch restaurant has many different personalities. Whether you choose a shady patio seat, one in the bar area, or a spot in the dining room, it feels like a brand new experience every time. Order a carafe of your favorite brunch cocktail and get down to business.

Must Order Item: Chicken and Waffles. Rosemary scented waffles have long been a Fixture house specialty, topped with melting butter and chipotle spiced maple syrup, then stacked with boneless chicken thighs.



Why We Love It: The patio with cozy firepits has made Brewed a coveted brunch spot for years. To score an outside table on weekends you better toss your baseball cap on and get there early. The fact that Brewed is a bonified coffee roastery, with a fine selection of coffee drinks, doesn’t hurt your brunch prospects either.

Must Order Item: Pulled Pork Hash. Two eggs over easy, topped with slow braised pulled pork and crispy breakfast potatoes. The dish is served with sliced avocado, serrano cheese grits and fresh salsa.


Spiral Diner & Bakery

Why We Love It: Spiral opens up at 10 am every day except Monday, and it serves breakfast dishes all day long. So you can brunch at your leisure. Long an authority in vegan cuisine, Spiral Diner is delicious no matter what your dietary preferences.

Must Order Item: Gluten Free Pancakes. These are made from scratch with Spiral’s original blend of brown rice, tapioca, potato flour, organic sugar, cinnamon and spices. Fluffy and light, the pancakes are served with vegan butter and agave nectar.


Cat City Grill

Why We Love It: The brunch window at Cat City runs from 10:30 to 1:30 every Saturday and Sunday. So don’t hit snooze too long, or you’ll miss it. Cat City is a one of a kind Fort Worth restaurant, beloved for its lunches and brunches.

Must Order Item: Spinach Benedict. This is a traditional eggs benedict with creamed spinach and a side of corn poblano hash.

Bloody Mary for brunch at Cat City Grill.

The Neighborhood: University

HG Sply Co.

Why We Love It: With its massive river facing patio, HG serves brunch like nobody’s business. The full bar doesn’t hurt either. Known for its bowls and healthy options, this is a restaurant where your whole crew will find what they’re looking for.

Must Order Item: Bison Chili. Perfect fill up, no matter the season. HG Sply’s chili is made with spicy chiles, ground bison, and a medley of black, pinto and kidney beans. It’s served topped with cheddar and green onion. It’s the ideal start for gameday or any day.


Ascension Coffee

Why We Love It: The riverside setting is simply sublime, surrounded by nature and unobstructed views. Then there’s Ascension’s patio, lined with red umbrellas and graced by a light breeze. The coffee roastery also has way beyond basic coffee drinks, making it a stand out.

Must Order Item: Smoked Salmon Benedict. A toasted sourdough slice is halved and topped with smoked salmon and poached egg. Then heirloom tomatoes, arugula and a brown butter hollandaise sauce is added. Served with a side of hash with both sweet and Yukon potatoes.


Woodshed Smokehouse

Why We Love It: One of Fort Worth’s first riverside patio settings, Woodshed is convenient for those stopping in, just off their morning walk, jog, or cycle on the Trinity Trail. Daybreak over the river is kinda magical.

Must Order Item: Woodshed Poutine. The Canadian classic gets a smokehouse upgrade. The dish features crispy potatoes, beer cheese fondue, some of Woodshed’s chopped brisket and a fried sunny-side-up egg.


Pacific Table

Why We Love It: This ode to the Pacific Northwest remains truly unique, surrounded by a sea of Tex-Mex restaurants and steakhouses in Fort Worth. The fully enclosed patio section is now air-conditioned and heated no matter the weather.

Must Order Item: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Simply irresistible, three ­fluffy and lemony pancakes are topped with fresh blueberries and powdered sugar. This dish is what brunch dreams are made of.

Pacific Table serves up perfect Lemon Ricotta Pancakes for brunch.

The Neighborhood: Museum District

Cafe Modern

Why We Love It: The Tadao Ando architecture and windows overlooking the Modern Art Museum’s waterscape are otherworldly. Every time we enter Cafe Modern’s space, we are transported. Plus, Wolfgang Puck-trained executive chef Jett Mora is making a splash.

Must Order Item: Overnight Steel Cut Oats Bowl. This one’s almost too pretty to eat. The bowl is filled with housemade spring berry preserves, coconut milk, Kelly Farms honey, coconut chia seed pudding, a spoon of Turkish yogurt and a dusting of cherry walnut granola.


Paris 7th

Why We Love It: In the mood for a uniquely Francophile brunch? Pull up a chair at Paris 7th and you’ll feel like you are back in the City of Love. Including an honest to goodness caviar service, this is not French-style dining. It is French through and through. From frittatas to Belgian waffles, you’ll find it at this Fort Worth brunch restaurant staple.

Must Order Item: Trout and Eggs. This is a truly European start. It’s time to embrace fish for breakfast. Picture a fillet of ruby red trout served with smoked trout hash and a fried egg on top, with Dijonnaise sauce.


Righteous Foods

Why We Love It: Sourcing is everything for chef Lanny Lancarte and his healthy living restaurant was one of the first on the Fort Worth scene. No longer a trend but an absolute necessity, his clean eating menu even includes organic cocktails, should you so choose.

Must Order Item: Coconut Chia Seed Pudding. It’s like dessert for breakfast, with a hint if blue algea tinting the pudding a baby blue. Served with mixed berries, organic banana, house made granola and coconut.

Righteous Foods – Chia Seed Pudding makes for a healthy brunch.


The Neighborhood: West Seventh and Left Bank

Blue Mesa Grill

Why We Love It: This is one of the only New Mexico style restaurants in the area. Blue Mesa is not your traditional Tex-Mex — and in this case, that’s a good thing. Blue Mesa’s all-you-can-eat brunch is over the top. The sprawling buffet is served from 10 am to 3 pm every Sunday. It is filled with house specialties, and bowls of the restaurant’s famous sweet potato chips and salsa.

Must Order Item: Carne Asada. Sliced steak with chimichurri sauce, grilled veggies and the house specialty Adobe Pie (masa corn pudding) as a side. Available in the brunch buffet as well.


Snooze an A.M. Eatery

Why We Love It: Snooze has that quirky Jetson’s, 1950s space-age diner feel. But it’s also plenty modern with a full range of coffee and cocktail beverages. Snooze specializes in breakfast and brunch seven days a week, and the menu items are clearly labeled with vegan or vegetarian designations for those concerned with such things.

Must Order Item: Blueberry Danish Pancakes. Large buttermilk pancakes are topped with blueberry coulis, sweet cream and dusted with almond streusel, surrounding a center of lemony cream cheese filling. If carbs are in the forecast, you might as well really enjoy them.


Trinity College Irish Pub

Why We Love It: It’s like a trip across the pond. Fort Worth has a few fabulous pubs and Trinity is one of them. Dress code: tartan plaid kilts are welcome, but not required. What you wear under your kilt is up to you. We don’t judge.

Must Order Item: Scotch Eggs. Along with a traditional Irish breakfast, Trinity offers authentic Scotch Eggs. Soft-boiled eggs are encased in herb-infused sausage, rolled in panko breadcrumbs, lightly fried and served with grain mustard cream sauce. The dish is garnished with fried leek.

The Neighborhood: River District


Why We Love It: From 8 am to 11 am Saturdays and Sundays, the rambling and lush grounds of Gemelle can seem like they’re calling your name. No matter the season, the lawn and vegetable garden with outdoor seating speaks with an Italian accent. Plus, just about anything goes well with either an aperol or limoncello spritz in hand.

Must Order Item: Grapefruit Brulée. A torched and bruléed half grapefruit makes for a light start along with arugula salad.

Gemelle’s private cabanas near the bocce courts and the seasonal garden.



Neighborhood: Hulen

Local Foods Kitchen

Why We Love It: With brunch only available from 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays (it’s closed Sundays), Local Foods has a case of fresh baked desserts and take home meals to peruse. From lighter fare like fruit parfaits and fresh granola to hot off the griddle meals, it’s a throwback spot with patio seating.

Must Order Item: Any-Way Omelet. You pick your favorite ingredients like grated gruyere cheese, spinach and caramelized onions. Come to think of it that’s my usual order. Comes with a side of crunchy potatoes and choice of buttered toast.


Yogi’s Deli and Grill

Why We Love It: This beloved TCU hangout is famous for its fresh bagels and smear, and its kid-pleasing green eggs and ham. The brunch menu is available seven days a week, and is everything you ever wanted for the vital meal, from egg dishes to waffles, from steak and eggs to breakfast tacos.

Must Order Item: Stuffed French Toast. Sourdough bread grilled and filled with your choice of strawberry, blueberry, or honey pecan cream cheese.


The Tavern

Why We Love It: With its brand new facelift, The Tavern is fresh with its interior design now polished. This is a true neighborhood tavern with a little Southwestern flair. Brunch ranges from migas to frosted flake French toast.

Must Order Item: Farmhouse Special. Grilled pork chop topped with sautéed apples, onions and sausage, served with two eggs and potatoes.

The Tavern’s stylish and refreshed interior sets the stage for a beautiful brunch.


Neighborhood: Camp Bowie District

Lucile’s Stateside Bistro

Why We Love It: The New England chowder house vibe, original tile flooring and café curtains make this a go-to for locals in the know. Lucile’s is well-loved for its annual lobster-rama celebrations, fresh seafood and lobster bisque soup.

Must Order Item: Shrimp and Grits. Cheese grits are as Southern as it gets, and we can’t get enough of these. The scrumptious bowl is topped with hickory grilled gulf shrimp and Lucille’s creole sauce brings the flavor, garnished with green onion and bacon bits.


Winslow’s Wine Cafe

Why We Love It: This neighborhood hub has been a Fort Worth brunch go-to for years. Not only can you enjoy a glass or a bottle of wine, Winslow’s also offers a full range of brunch cocktails, from screwdrivers to a rosemary paloma, or an espresso martini.

Must Order Item: Winslow’s avocado toast is something special ― mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime and cracked pepper, served atop toasted nine-grain bread. It is served with two scrambled eggs, bacon and brunch beans on the side.

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