Cigar Box Wines Brings South American Varietals to Texas Wine Connoisseurs

Sourced From Estate-Owned Vineyards, The Brand Pairs Reds With Holiday Dishes

BY // 11.19.21

With the holiday season on the brink, dazzling chatter of libations and cuisine are top of mind. In the spirit of festivity, a decade-old wine company unveils the ultimate wine pours that align harmoniously with the holiday dinner menu. Cigar Box Wines, home to premium wine varieties from estate-owned vineyards in Chile and Argentina, will make the holiday season sparkle for Texans with rich flavors.

Founded in 2011, Cigar Box’s name was inspired years back when the team began working with American partners and the particular Malbec that was being developed had prominent toasty, tobacco notes. The team fell in love with the taste and felt this wine was their marquee flavor. The hand-harvesting of the grapes are even inspired as an homage to the tobacco rolling process. And rounding out the top flavors for the brand is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Maipo, Chile and a Pinot Noir from Leyda, Chile.

Although the international wine is cultivated in Chile and Argentina, the American wine connoisseur is in mind when developing the “old vine” varietals. The Cigar Box team likes to think of its wines as complex, yet still approachable to the consumer. 


Cigar Box Wines
Cigar Box Wines relies on South American estate-owned vineyards.

“We are truly untraditional, with a refreshing personality and brand attitude,” Cigar Box Wines National Sales Director Max Arriagada says. “Many brands look at the bigger fish and try to imitate them, but we play by our own rules. We are straightforward and create good, premium wine, from the estate.”

Celebrating a 10-year milestone this year, the brand has long been the centerpiece of all holiday get-togethers. Especially in Texas, as Arriagada resides in Austin and says that a large chunk of its consumers call the Lone Star State home. Curating a wine pairing for any table, whether it’s a Thanksgiving celebration of gratitude, or a wine glass running over with Christmas joy, Cigar Box Wines will be the centerpiece for these festive get-togethers.

“Our Chilean winemaker, who is responsible for our Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, suggests the expected pairing of a celebratory prime rib or New York strip,” Arriagada says. “ But the unexpected pairing that we are suggesting this year is lamb or even pepper-crusted ahi tuna.”

And for the signature Malbec, Cigar Box Wines suggest pairing the rich flavors with dark meat poultry (ideal for Thanksgiving), or even game meat. Bison, ostrich and venison are the out-of-the-box recommendations that they’ve found have paired beautifully with their crown jewel of wine. Regardless of the meat pairing, they encourage considering foods with richer sauces and vibrant flavors for a Malbec. 

To learn more about the entire collection of wines from Cigar Box Wines this holiday season, and all-year round, visit here