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Dallas’ Best Iced Coffees — a National Coffee Day Guide

These Coffee Havens Do Cold Brews Right

BY // 09.26.19

One of the more important national food holidays of the year is upon us. National Coffee Day is this Sunday, September 29. On this day, I will be in Los Angeles so I’ll be going to get my favorite Iced Mint Mojito Coffee at Philz in Santa Monica.

Although the brand hasn’t expanded to Dallas just yet, there are still tons of great spots to grab a cool caffeinated sip in North Texas. You know, because it’s still 90 degrees every day here.

These are Dallas’ Best Iced Coffees, straight and boozy. In other words, the perfect drinks to celebrate National Coffee Day with — or any other day for that matter.

The Draft Latte at Ascension

A bit more on the sweet side, The Draft Latte at Ascension is a cold summer brew with frothy foam on top. A mix of cold brew, whole milk and lavender, this drink is delightful for cold coffee lovers. The nitro-infused cold brew naturally makes it cool and refreshing, and the lavender added in is the perfect amount for a slight sweetness.

The Draft Latte at Ascension is a cold summer brew with frothy foam. (Courtesy of Ascension)

Cold Brew at La La Land Kind Cafe

Besides being the most pleasant little house to enjoy a cup of coffee and toast, this Lower Greenville coffee shop makes a great nitro cold brew. The place is usually packed and the line sometimes goes out the door, so if you need a quick jolt, the cold brew is on tap and ready to go.

Pair it with one of La La Land Kind’s avocado, banana brulee, or honey strawberry toasts in celebration of the best day of the year.

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Chickory Dickory Dock at HIDE

HIDE’s coffee cocktail is on the weekend brunch menu at the Deep Ellum bar. Perfect timing to celebrate the coffee holiday. The Chickory Dickory Dock is a boozy concoction of Irish whiskey, chicory root, cold brew coffee, chai tea, sherry, condensed milk and black walnut bitters. HIDE is well-known for its incredibly cocktails so this is a must-try.

The Chickory Dickory Dock is a boozy iced coffee at HIDE. Courtesy of HIDE

Dirty Almond Chai at North Italia

Although it’s a hybrid tea and coffee drink, the Dirty Almond Chai at North Italia is delicious. Made with almond milk, chai tea and two ounces of espresso, the drink is shaken and stirred cold. When I ordered one, I had the intention of just sticking with black tea for my afternoon pick me up, but once I saw the ingredients in this bad boy I had to give it a try.

Tipsy Joe at The Biscuit Bar

Head over to The Biscuit Bar near SMU for another half caffeinated/half intoxicating cold coffee drink. With Titos vodka, coffee liquor, Nitro Cold Brew and milk, this is another refreshing and fun drink to celebrate the holiday any time of day. Add on one of the delicious Southern biscuits that are quickly taking over the metroplex to make it a meal.

The Biscuit Bar
The Biscuit Bar’s Tipsy Joe includes Titos, coffee liquor, Nitro Cold Brew, and milk. Courtesy of The Biscuit Bar

Iced Flat White at Magnolias

This is my favorite iced espresso drink ever and Magnolias is one of the only places in Dallas that offers it. It’s an iced take on the Australian flat white, a minimally foamy version of a cappuccino, or a more condensed version of a latte.

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