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Now Hear This — Our Favorite Outdoor Cocktail Spots

Drinking With Al Fresco Flair in Dallas

BY // 04.23.19

I personally believe a cocktail is best enjoyed in the out-of-doors. Perhaps it’s my rationale that drinking almost becomes an outdoorsy, healthy — keyword —  pursuit along the lines of hiking or gardening if done outside in the sun.

With the dreary weather this past weekend and off-and-on the past few days as well, you might wonder why we are thinking of al fresco cocktails.

Well, it’s because we know that these showers will bring verdant lawns of green and flowers blooming from every conceivable spot, likely as soon as the weekend.

Hopefully, you’ll find this list of 15 great Dallas watering holes that offer outdoor areas enough to get you out on the town —  and in an Uber or Lyft, hopefully, so that you might enjoy a few libations. This week’s Now Hear This PaperCity Dallas office question is: What’s your favorite outdoor cocktail spot?

Rebecca Sherman, Home Design Editor

The beautiful courtyard at Saint Ann Restaurant and Bar has always been one of my favorite places. There’s always an interesting mix of people to watch, including visiting Europeans, beautiful young people with their dogs in tow and Dallas socialites.

It’s casual — lots of wood and stone — mixed with a European-style sculpted garden. One of my favorite memories is going there on a chilly fall afternoon with out-of-town family. The fire pits were lighted and we hung out for hours.

Saint Ann Dallas’ beautiful patio adjacent it’s historic building.
Saint Ann Dallas’ beautiful patio is adjacent to the historic building.

Christina Geyer, Dallas Editor-in-Chief

My favorite place for an al fresco cocktail is without a doubt my own little patio at my apartment. 

Here’s the ritual: When I get home from work (usually around six), I water the plants (love the smell of wet soil), pour myself a tequila (usually a reposado) on the rocks, and sit outside reading for hours (or at least until it is too dark to see the words on the pages). 

It’s my own little slice of heaven, for the simple reason that it’s quiet, I can embrace my true introverted self, and I can wear whatever variation of comfortable clothing I please.

Billy Fong, Culture and Style Editor

I like mixing it up. You’ve heard me likely time and time again reference my two favorite watering holes in Dallas: the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek’s The Mansion Bar and the The Grapevine Bar.

Both have outdoor patios and I’m seen at both probably too many times. So, for my answer, I’m putting a new al fresco spot into the mix — the recently unveiled patio at Park House.

The members-only club located in Highland Park Village opened in December to great fanfare, but the outside area to most was still a mystery. Lots of construction work could be spied through some of the doors and left many to speculate as to the layout.

Well, as the weather began to warm and the clouds began to open in early March, so did the Park House patio. It’s quite large but filled with many intimate seating areas for a one-on-one romantic moment or a gathering of a bunch of girlfriends for April bubbles.

Tucked away in a far corner is even “Smoker’s Alley,” with whimsical ashtrays for those who will care to channel their inner-Margot Tenenbaum (if you don’t recall — she was the secret smoker of her family).

Megan Ziots, Dallas Digital Reporter

I just checked out this new rooftop bar called Upside West Village. It’s on the 8th floor of the Hilton in Uptown and has an amazing view of Downtown Dallas — definitely a good Instagram spot. They have something called an “Upside Flight” with local craft beers, which is my usual go-to.

A friend of mine also tried the “Taste of Texas,” a flight of different whiskeys. It’s a very picturesque, modern and cozy spot for happy hour or to grab some small bites. The killer view of the sun setting is also a plus.

Samantha Olguin, Sales Account Director and Director of Business Development, Dallas

My favorites would be The Honor Bar for a great patio-side rose or the newly opened Beverley’s Bistro & Bar for a fabulous cocktail with a side of their caviar latkes. I also really love a true oldie-but-goodie, and that is the Katy Trail Ice House during the day, post workout for a summer beer!

the honor bar
Head to The Honor Bar to lounge under blue skies.

Linda Kenney, Account Executive

I just returned from San Diego, where sipping cocktails al fresco includes a stunning ocean panorama as well as the intoxicating sound of rhythmic waves.

Having said that, what Dallas lacks in geography is counterbalanced by lovely restaurants, good cocktails, great service and exceptional people-watching.

I adore the patio at Water Grill. The cocktails and seafood are outstanding. Visit the patio on a Saturday afternoon. It will be lovely and quiet. If one meditates creatively, one can envision the ocean on the opposite side of McKinney Avenue.

Meryn Kennedy, Dallas Intern

Since I am only a few months short of 21, I am not able to legally answer to this question, but when I’m out with friends I do enjoy the non-alcoholic Pineapple Ginger Ale Soda from Perry’s Steakhouse. Looks like a mojito and is very delicious!

Caroline Lidl, Dallas Intern

I am as much a sucker for a chic patio as I am a good margarita or a bubbly glass of champagne. Luckily, there are so many places around town that offer both. 

The rooftops at HG Sply Co. and STIRR, the sparkle bar at Henry’s Majestic and The Rustic‘s music-filled patio have each served some time as my go-to spot.

Just recently, I enjoyed a delicious cocktail at Waterproof, the pool-side rooftop lounge at The Statler hotel. In case you find yourself looking for me this summer, I’ll be 19 floors up, poolside, margarita in hand.  

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Look for the next installment of Now Hear This from Billy Fong next week.

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