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Dallas’ Best Bars for the Perfect Girls’ Night Out

An Alternative Valentine's Day Guide — Embracing Singlehood

BY // 02.07.19

The holiday for lovers everywhere is soon upon us. But for a huge portion of the population that is uncoupled February 14 is a dreaded day.

I’ve fallen in the “single” category off-and-on for many years post-college. Alas, it’s wonderful to have someone bring home flowers and whisk you away for a romantic, candlelit dinner at somewhere like Grange Hall (yes, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year — the one day of the week that the chic restaurant is open, but I am guessing they already are completely booked). But, you can also embrace being single and find alternative ways to celebrate mid-February.

Since the early aughts, soloists celebrating Valentines Day has become a thing. Some call it single awareness day others Galentine’s Day. The former name had a moment commemorated by one of my favorite television characters Leslie Knope (played by the incredible Amy Poehler) on Parks and Recreation. The ever-optimistic Knope brought together a group of girls to celebrate friendship.

Since my 12 Days of Tippling (my Christmas drinking feature) was such a success I thought why not focus on watering holes perfect for GNO — Girls’ Night Out. These are the Dallas bars perfect for a girls-only Valentine’s Day.

The Rustic

What to expect: Bumble’s Singles Awareness Day hosted by Courtney Kerr. DJ Christy Ray will be spinning the best breakup songs to a crowd of optimistic (personally I promised myself to always subscribe to the notion of a glass half full in 2019) and fun loving singles. Make connections with fun icebreakers and speed dating games.

Better yet, Jim Bean is having a bourbon sampling, pouring complementary #BourbonismyBoyfriend cocktails and giving out free swag for the first 50 guests. 


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the rustic pat green
The Rustic always brings a party.

Monkey Bar

What to expect and to order: For so many girls I know, the Monkey Bar, situated atop Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village, is a regular stop amongst their watering holes. Its tried and true and never fails to deliver a fun night (or even apres-work cocktails, or specifically margaritas). Be sure to order plenty of queso, since it’s the best in Dallas and it’ll allow you to keep ordering more margaritas.


What to expect and to order: First off plan on Uber-ing this evening as you should be in it to win it with numerous cocktails on the horizon. A group of four, a la Sex & The City, is perhaps the best formula. Start out with a round of Shinsei Sangrias and then order every type of tempura so you can keep the night going, enjoying the company of friends and not caring that boys aren’t in the picture.

In fact, make a girl pact — no one should accept phone numbers from any potential suitors and definitely, no one should leave the group for a makeout session.


What to expect and to order: For those wanting to venture to Deep Ellum, I’d suggest staking your claim to a portion of the bar at Vidorra. Since the name actually means “the good life,” then perhaps it’s the perfect place to celebrate being single. Order up a couple of Tequiling Me Softly’s and see where the night takes you.

Vibrant art and colorful accents can be found throughout Vidorra.
Vibrant art and colorful accents can be found throughout Vidorra.

The Round-Up Saloon

What to expect and to order: Those that remember the OTP Chanel Métiers d’Art extravaganza that descended upon Dallas in December 2013, will recall it was an impossible invite to score. The vast majority of the guests came from all four corners of the globe. However, if you wanted to get a glimpse of that jet-setting, Veuve-clinking, slender and frail crowd then you should’ve headed over to this gay, country western bar in Dallas’ gay-hood, Cedar Springs.

Those wanting a true Texas experience are told they can find one at the Round-Up for good reason. I like to describe this bar as Brokeback Mountain live. Gay men love hanging out with spirited girls so plan on tossing back a few tequila shots and always have a Corona in your hands.

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to put on your favorite pair of skinny jeans (it’s great that this is an equal-opportunity garment now with both boys and girls wearing them frequently to show off rear assets) and hit the town. I went into 2019 with the mantra to always look at the glass as half full (and never half empty).

With that in mind, here are a couple things that are great about being single:

1). You never have to share the remote. You can binge watch as much Bravo or This Is Us as you want without ever hearing any complaints.

2). Sometimes you don’t want to shower the whole weekend.

3). You don’t have to share any closet space. Which means more space to buy new shoes (you probably have your eye on a pair of Manolos at Neimans right now anyway).

4). And finally, when you are single you have much more time to spend with the your closest girlfriends.

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