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Surprising Houston Spot Named One of Most Romantic Restaurants in World

CNN Showers Love on this Patio Palace

BY // 02.15.19

If you blew it on Valentine’s Day or are feeling particularly amorous now that the commercial day of love has passed, CNN Travel offers what it considers the most romantic restaurants in the world and one of them is in Houston.

Joining the rankings of dining establishments from Singapore to Rome is The Kitchen at The Dunlavy. While not exactly a “restaurant” known for romance (after all, it serves only breakfast and lunch), the space is certainly one of the most romantic in the city and rents out in the evenings for glamorous soirées.

CNN Travel’s praise for the Clark Cooper Concepts restaurant includes, “The dining room is bathed in light, both from natural light streaming in from outside as well as from exquisite chandeliers inside. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular destination for wedding receptions.”

We agree. The glass enclosed structure overlooking Buffalo Bayou and Lost Lake and wrapped in a verdant cloak of mature oak trees is spectacular. Particularly when you add the magical chandeliers that glisten overhead. And if the weather cooperates, the patio presents a glorious additional space.

Restaurants that make the romantic cut along with The Dunlavy, as it is most popularly known, are:

Crab Shak in The Maldives

Lake House in Daylesford, Australia

Sunset Monalisa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Tate Dining Room & Bar in Hong Kong

Aqua Shard in London

Le 1331 in Burgund, France

Pimms Belmond in Cap Juluca, Anguilla

ICEHOTEL Restaurant in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Passerelle Bistro in Greenville, South Carolina

Sentido Norte in Cost Rica

Imàgo in the Hassler Hotel in Rome

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar in Singapore

Catalina rose Bay in Sydney, Australia

The CNN Travel article was written by Hong Kong-based travel and food writer Chris Dwyer, who we think made his selection of The Dunlavy from photos. He describes it as “glamorous spot on a patio.” That’s OK because in our book it truly is one of the most romantic places within reach.

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