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Fort Worth’s 10 Best Burgers to Eat Right Now — Cowtown Is Where You’ll Find the Beef

From Longtime Staples to Feisty Newcomers, These Are No Ordinary Hamburgers

BY // 05.01.23

There are plenty of great burgers in Fort Worth and with its storied ranching history, that really should be no surprise. From tried and true favorites to some stellar newcomers, there’s a growing list of beefy goodness to behold. And it looks like the burger boom is just getting underway with ambitious new restaurants entering the fray.

Here are Fort Worth’s Best Burgers to Eat Right Now:

Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

When you’re seriously ready to chow down on a burger, Charley’s The Great Burger certainly hits the spot. This classic is double meat, double cheese hamburger with Canadian bacon, regular bacon and a little Swiss cheese thrown in for good measure.

The old school burger bar known as Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers is a true throwback. It’s grab and go or picnic table seating only.

Brix Barbecue

The smashing Le Brix Burger is worth the drive — when you can get your hands on one that is. While Brix Barbecue wants to be known for its ridiculously good BBQ menu, true burger devotees can’t get enough of the delicious smash burger. It’s a perennial award winner.

Whenever Brix announce it’s available on social media, a line forms quickly to grab the Le Brix Burger.

Introducing Pêche

  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
Look for Preston’s Pico and Pig at JD's Hamburgers. It is one of Fort Worth's Best Burgers.
Look for Preston’s Pico and Pig at JD’s Hamburgers. It is one of Fort Worth’s Best Burgers.

JD’s Hamburgers

A Fort Worth burger dubbed Preston’s Pico and Pig won over hearts and bellies at the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival. Look for it as a feature on the JD’s Hamburgers menu. It’s topped with crisp bacon and dripping with cream cheesy pico de gallo goodness. Of course, that’s only one of the delicious burgers to choose from at JD’s.

Fuego Burger

This tiny Benbrook staple along Highway 377 is known for the Fuego Burger that shares the restaurant’s name. A layer of yellow and white shredded cheese creates a halo with crispy edges all around the top and sides of the beef patty. It’s got New Mexico flavor with mild diced green chiles and jalapeño mayo. Not too spicy, but oh so good.

Fuego Burger is still family owned and run by Carlos and Christie Rodriguez.

Jon’s Grille

Chef Jon Bonnell and his brother Ric are raising their own herd of cattle that’s a cross of Akaushi and Angus, in search of the healthiest and best tasting beef. Jon’s Grille recently debuted the Texas Sunrise burger topped with avocado, bacon and a fried egg. There are French fries in the mix as well, and it’s served with a side of hollandaise.

Call it the breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner of champions.

Hamburger – The Rip Wheeler went head to head in a burger battle and earned a spot on the permanent menu. You can see why.
The Rip Wheeler went head to head in a burger battle and earned a spot on the permanent menu. You can see why.

Rodeo Goat Ice House

Known for its epic showdown called The Battle of the Burger, Rodeo Goat previews new creations and let’s them duke it out to earn top billing. A recent showdown winner has earned its own permanent spot on the menu. Meet the Rip Wheeler ― a coffee-rubbed beef patty, layered with black pepper cured bacon, Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce, smoked gouda, curly endive and chuckwagon mayo, all on a brioche bun. This burger is nearly as handsome as its namesake.

Kincaid’s Hamburgers

Fort Worth’s former grocery has became one of the city’s legendary burger joint. Kincaid’s Hamburgers now has multiple restaurant locations.

Its burger called The Cattleman’s is tough to beat. A cheddar cheese draped patty is topped with fresh, thick cut onion rings and drizzled in barbecue sauce, with a thin layer of dill pickle slices tucked underneath.

The Meat Board

The Meat Board signature grilled tenderloin sandwich is like a burger, but even better. The bun is filled with sliced beef tenderloin, house blue cheese crumbles and butter lettuce all on a sweet kolache bun.

It’s everything you’d expect from this Camp Bowie butcher shop. Plus, you can pick up dinner from the cold case while you’re there.

Hamburger – The Dirty Love Burger is still a staple at Love Shack topped with a quail egg.
The Dirty Love Burger is still a staple at Love Shack topped with a quail egg.

Love Shack

It’s not new, but one of the best burgers in Fort Worth is still Tim Love’s famous dirty love burger, which can be found at Love Shack. Get your veggies in with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, then add Love sauce, melty American cheese and crispy bacon. Top it all off with a fried quail egg for good measure.

Whenever you’re in the Stockyards and feel a hunger pang, just dipping into Love Shack and getting one is never a bad idea.

Boozie’s Brewery & Gourmet Sandwiches

The great American cheeseburger lives up to its promise at Boozie’s Brewery & Gourmet Sandwiches. Encased inside one of Boozie’s signature house-baked burger buns, this firecracker of a Fort Worth burger is a lesson in simplicity. It is a combination of Kosher dill pickle, sambal-infused Thousand Island dressing, classic ketchup and creamy Duke’s mayonnaise.

Simple, stately and dripping with American cheese. And certainly another one of Fort Worth’s Best Burgers.

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