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One of Houston’s Best Restaurants Celebrates a Milestone with a Laid-Back Neighborhood Party

Drinking Danger Juice in Montrose

BY // 08.10.17

What: Pax Americana’s Three-Year Anniversary House Party

Where: Pax Americana

PC Moment: Nationally-recognized Houston restaurant Pax Americana celebrated three years on the city’s food scene with a laid-back, foodie bash.

Staff, family, and friends descended on the Montrose eatery for an evening of fare and fellowship hosted by owner Dan Zimmerman, executive chef Martha De Leon, and general manager Scott Williams.

With a DJs Griddin and Freddy B setting the mood, guests mingled while noshing on a bevy of bites including wings, brisket, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, and Pax’s signature honey butter chicken biscuits. Chef Martha also treated attendees to a whole pig, which she roasted live on-site using a self-built caja China-style roasting box.

Libations like fruity sangria and boozy “danger juice” flowed throughout the evening, making for a lively party scene. Chef Martha ended the festivities with words of gratitude before partygoers danced the night away.

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  • Cle Du Peau - Nail Polish
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