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Pumpkin Spice Everything Takes Over North Texas — Your Guide to Fall’s Ever-Growing Craze

Pumpkins to Drink, Pumpkins to Eat, Even Pumpkin Houses

BY // 09.08.22

Remember when your grandmother made pumpkin bread in the fall? What a special treat. As rare as a slice of pumpkin pie by roaring fire. Those days are long gone. Now pumpkins reign supreme through a whole super season ― beginning in September and rolling all the way through Thanksgiving. It’s madness — and North Texas is all in.

Soon, you’ll be seeing pumpkins decorating doorsteps, and sampling every conceivable pumpkin-laden concoction (from pumpkin salsa to pumpkin beer). It will be months before you even begin to see the end of it. Either get on board or get left behind.

Can’t you smell that waft of pumpkin spice in the air?

This is your guide to total pumpkin mania in Fort Worth.

Pumpkin Patches

Seasonal pumpkin patches will soon be popping up all over North Texas. Head to favorite nurseries like Archie’s Gardenland and Westland Gardens for photo-worthy displays. Or grab some inspiration while you grab your groceries ― with fairytale heirloom varieties in creamy whites and dusty greens at Central Market and Trader Joe’s.

You’ll find a Pumpkin House set up at the Clearfork Farmers Market again from October through November, transforming into a holiday wreath display in December.  You can watch as the lawn of Arlington Heights United Methodist Church once again morphs into a storybook scene, as it recreates its annual tradition along Camp Bowie.


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The Clearfork Pumpkin House will return in October.

Swimming in Pumpkin Lattes

There will be no shortage of pumpkin-spiced beverages to enjoy either. Surely every coffee and tea house has already mapped out its pumpkin plan. At Pax & Beneficia in downtown Fort Worth, the pumpkin spice latte is special. The syrup is made in-house and this rendition is not unduly sweet.

Likewise, Common Grounds near TCU will soon have its pumpkin cream cold brew back on the seasonal menu.

At Refined Coffee House in Grapevine, you can cozy up to a Pumpkin Chai, which they call “fall in a cup.” Handmade pumpkin spice syrup is blended with Bhakti chai tea, frothed milk and a dusting of cinnamon.

Redefined Coffee House’s pumpkin chai includes house-made pumpkin syrup.

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

A few years ago, Mrs. Renfro’s came out with Pumpkin Salsa. Guess what? It’s a hit.

You can also grab some Pumpkin Spice cupcakes or full-size cakes, which are topped with cream cheese icing at Stir Crazy Bakery. Or go for the gluten-free pumpkin scones, mini pumpkin cheesecakes, or a dozen frosted pumpkin cookies.

Martin House Brewing came out with a sour beer with a dash of pumpkin spices called (what else?) Mama’s Punkin’ Pie.

Shinjuku Station began serving a seasonal Kabocha Cheesecake as a seasonal treat. Now it’s a staple of the menu with not-too-sweet Japanese pumpkin, caramel and roasted walnuts.

Shinjuku Station – Kabocha cheesecake was a seasonal treat, now served year round.
Kabocha cheesecake was once a seasonal treat at Shinjuku Station. Now it’s served year round.

Pumpkin Running

In case some are not aware, there is even a Pumpkin Spice Half Marathon to consider. It takes place Saturday, November 19 at Panther Island Pavilion and The Shack in Fort Worth. What better way to work off all those pumpkin spice indulgences than lacing up your running shoes and taking part in either the 5K run, the 10K run, or the complete half marathon.

The picturesque running routes go along the Trinity River Trails and everyone gets to enjoy an afterparty with pumpkin spice coffee, hot chocolate, festive fall beers and great music. It’s becoming a Fort Worth tradition.

And why not? Pumpkins are taking over everything else.

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