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Sneak Preview of Powerhouse Restaurant Duo’s New Houston Restaurant Proves Clean Food Can Satisfy

Clark Cooper Concepts Embraces a Venice Beach Vibe

BY // 01.03.20

The invitation to a rather enigmatic afternoon tasting at The Dunlavy had this fan of Clark Cooper Concepts envisioning tastings from The “new” Dunlavy when it opens next fall as a full-blown restaurant. Wrong. The dynamic restaurant team was introducing a select group of foodies and bloggers to their latest concept — Satisfy.

While we pondered the colorful array of  glasses of natural juices in front us, there was much talk from hipster partner Grant Cooper about eating clean and pure while enjoying “crave-worthy, flavorful” dishes.

“It is not only about eating healthy,” he says of the new concept. “It’s about moderation and education. We wanted to create a place where you could eat every day and feel good about yourself.”

Dressed in fashionably tattered jeans, with a wealth of hipster bracelets at his wrists and a knit cap on his head, Cooper seemed to embody the Satisfy vibe, which he described as somewhat Venice Beach.

When the restaurant opens this spring on the first floor of San Felipe Place (2929 San Felipe), there will be no refined sugars and flours, no artificial preservatives, no artificial anything and no GMOs. For those who might worry about the possibility of a spartan culinary experience, Cooper allays their fears.

“We know some days you want to cheat a little bit, but at Satisfy it doesn’t matter because it’s a good cheat,” he says. “For example, at Satisfy you will be able to get wine on tap paired with Chef Sam’s Grass-Fed Bison Tenderloin and a dairy free vegetable gratin. It’s about eating and taking care of yourself, but not to the extreme to where you can’t enjoy a glass of wine.”

That would be Chef Sam Walter, fresh from lead chef positions at Austin’s Uchiko and Lenoir. He echos Cooper’s sentiments saying, We are creating a concept that is approachable to everyone. We will have items for vegans, vegetarians and of course, the burger lovers out there.

“It isn’t all about health food, but more about giving people food that tastes good and is good for you. We want everyone to feel good about eating at Satisfy.”

Satisfy beet gnocchi
Satisfy’s Beet Gnocchi

Joining the late afternoon tasting was Chef Clark, snappily dressed in sports coat and slacks. Best known for his lavish meals served at Ibiza (which closes mid-February), Clark was clearly on board with the bold concept. As with others at the seating, he was well into the meal served.

The Satisfy Preview Menu

A welcome glass of mimosa tea, flavored with yuzu, morning leaf, guayusa tea, coconut water, and house bubbles, preceded appetizers that included vegetarian spring rolls, bison tartare, salmon toast and avocado toast.

For the main course, guests were served samplings of Tumeric Bone Broth, Satsifying Salad (composed of spinach, kale, arugula, Brussels sprout leaves, radish, carrots, avocado, nutritional yeast, sprouted macadamia nuts and meyer lemon poppy vinaigrette), Big Mac-Robiotic Wrap (Kimchi, bean sprouts, sprouted tamari almonds, miso broccoli and snow peas in Spicy Wrap),  Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Sandwich (slow cooked jackfruit in barbecue sauce, cabbage slaw on gluten-free Texas Toast), and Beet Gnocchi.

And for dessert,  the absolutely crave-worthy Chocolate Agave Avocado Mousse topped with hazelnuts, coconut whipped cream and cocoa nibs.

On January 15, anyone with $115 to spare for a seven-course dinner, can have first taste, well almost first, of Satisfy offerings when Clark Cooper Concepts introduces its concept at a pop-up dinner at The Dunlavy. The menu is developed around the motto “nourishing to fuel,” which provides a hint at the concept. Reservations can be made here.

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