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Sexy Cocktails and Passport Games: Bungalow 5’s Opening Makes Dallas’ Top Designers Lose Themselves in Fun

BY Karlie Morris // 07.15.16
photography Mark Nelson

What: Decorative fête celebrating the opening of Bungalow 5

Where: Dallas Design District

Who: Brilliant Bungalow team: John Roudabush, Teresa Herrmann, Susi Lu, and Tyler Sweatman; Josh Delafuente, Brenda Richardson, Hannah Dean, Cathy Kincaid Hudson, Maggie McMordie, Jennifer Likover, Kelsey Ann Haley, Philip Merritt, Johnathan Sanders, Andrew Gonzales, Logan Vanderslic, Emily McGee, Mary Elizabeth, Katie Canon, Nancy and Dewey Markham, Nancy Gopez, Katy Bock, Samantha Wortley, Natalie Jones, J.D. Stettin, Laura Thompson, Samantha Jane Beatty, Heather Lucas, Jason Fitzgerald, Joy Hudson, Whitney Kratz, Ramon Longoria, Whitney Williams Rowell, Zac Porter, Emily Ray-Porter, and Tucker Bomar

PC Moment: Dallas’ top designers came in droves to fête newly minted showroom Bungalow 5 and celebrate the launch of their latest collection of goodies. The crowd was in high spirits with a cocktail in one hand and passports in the other: The aim of the game was to get as many stamps as possible to secure a covetable gift card to the new spot.

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