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Dallas’s 10-Day Shopping Party Draws Near

Preview Builds Anticipation for Annual Craze

BY Karlie Morris // 07.15.16
photography George Fiala

What: 24th annual Partners Card kickoff festivities

Where: The Grill on the Alley, Galleria Dallas

Who: Chairs Elizabeth Dacus, Jane Rozelle, and Samantha Wortley; honorary chair Lisa Cooley; The Family Place superheroes Paige Flink, Melissa Sherrill Martin, Heather Street Baker, Shivangi Pokharel Perkins, Mary Catherine Benavides; Summer John, Kellie O’Connell, Chris Schwiderski, JB Hayes, Michelle Davenport, Jill Blair-Turner, Ashlee Weidner, Kelly Morton, Joyce Goss, Max Trowbridge, Libby Walters, Sarah Blackwell, Lisa Bhattacharya, Jennifer Burns, McKenna Jones Gannon, Randy and Paige Flink, Todd Turner, Paige Westhoff, Walter Love, Marian Thompson, and Mike Meredith

PC Moment: Ladies and gents, it’s almost time to pull out those Partners Cards and embark on a 10-day shopping spree. Not to worry, you will be heroic with every dollar spent as it all goes towards The Family Place. With the theme of Shop Like a Hero, the 24th annual Card is guaranteed to pack a punch. Enlisting the help of more than 750 participating retail locations, the Card manages to exceed expectations each year. Kicking it off in style at Galleria Dallas were stylish supports of this incredible cause, who came together for an evening of sips, snacks and a few superhero sightings.

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