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Dallas Socialite’s Over-the-Top Birthday Party Manages to be Wild and Witty

Costumes, a Stunning Red Dress, Raucous Scenes — and a Vroom Vroom Gift to Remember

BY Billy Fong // 09.19.17

Dear reader, do you ever feel life always be a little like high school, with that nagging want to be part of the fun crowd? It’s true. That said, my bestie Ann Hobson and I were commenting that we felt privileged to be included in the ah-mazing Brooke Davenport’s birthday dinner party last week. And dammit, in today’s day and age being included in such a must-attend event should be taken seriously; you must show up prepared with some eclectic bon mots.

Every detail of Davenport’s celebratory evening was gorgeous, but not fussy! That is the death nail to so many Dallas parties — they can be fussy. Rather, her dinner at Le Bilboquet was filled with wit and humor. Props to Wendy Payne and Crystal Lourd for hosting an effortless soiree.

The dress code was “For Brooke,” meaning we all had to turn the volume up to make the birthday girl grin. The guests delivered in spades. The table included Elisa Summers, Capera Ryan, Caroline Summers, Margot and Darin Ruebel, and Brady and Megan Wood.

There was jewelry for dayyyzzzz and the ensembles were eclectic. I don’t mean to play favorites — but Brooke Davenport in a bat wing dress with her mom’s vintage Gucci belt (circa 1975) was more than glamorous, it was fun. The piece de resistance was Ms. Davenports white Native American head dress. Really? Yes, she was like Cher and could pull off white after Labor Day like no one’s business.

First runner-up for me was Crystal in a red dress that seemed like she was at a dinner at Captain Stubing’s table on the Love Boat — and for those of you who know me, that is the highest compliment. My dream dinner companion will always be Charo, wearing a tangerine Halston halter jumpsuit. Coochie coochie coo!

Every evening should have theme music and if I were to chose this party’s playlist, it would be equal parts Wagner and the Go-Gos. Although, by the end of the night perhaps 50 Cent would have been playing in the ambient background.

I won’t spill too many details from the private, raucous extravaganza, but I will leave you with this: Brooke’s incredible husband, Blake Davenport, gave her exactly what she wanted for her birthday — a girl-on-the-go Vespa. I’m dreaming of seeing Brooke tooting through Highland Park with a basket helping her daughter sell Girl Scout cookies.

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