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Houston’s Best Dressed Women Revealed in Fashionable Neiman Marcus Party — 10 Notable Ladies of Accomplishment

Designer Naeem Khan to be Showcased at 40th Anniversary Celebration

BY // 05.05.22
photography Miroma Photography

Three stylish ladies of accomplishment were revealed at Neiman Marcus Wednesday night as members of the Houston Chronicle Best Dressed Hall of Fame thereby entering the Valhalla of fashionistas. They were among the 10 Best Dressed honorees introduced in advance of the September 20 luncheon to be held at the Post Oak Hotel.

Applause, applause for Kristy Bradshaw, Gayla Gardner and Vicki West for their Hall of Fame entry. Dr. Sippi Khurana and Brigitte Kalai stepped out among the fashionable set for the second time. Making their debut on the coveted list were Michele LealKelley LubankoElia GabbanelliLauren Randle and Dr. Crystal Wright.

Hallie Vanderhider,Adrian Duenas,Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl,Fady Armanous (Photo by Miroma Photography)
Best Dressed luncheon chair Hallie Vanderhider, Adrian Dueñas, Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl, Fady Armanious (Photo by Miroma Photography)

What did the honorees chose to wear for their moment in the spotlight? West stepped out in a shimmering Akris while Bradshaw opted for an equally shimmering Dior and the most glamorous Wright, a doctor at M.D. Anderson, chose a beautiful cocktail dress by Carolina Herrera. Lubanko dressed in ladylike style by Dolce & Gabbana and newcomer Randle came in Oscar de la Renta.

Houston Chronicle senior editor for features Melissa Aguilar introduced the honorees after a welcome from Neiman Marcus GM Chris Hendel.

What has become for the March of Dimes a million dollar fundraiser, sponsored of late by Memorial Hermann Foundation, will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the fall event. Hall of Fame honoree Hallie Vanderhider chairs the luncheon that will feature designer Naeem Khan.

Erica Burnette, Cheryl Creuzot and Ivonne Cormier (Photo by Miroma Photography)
Erica Burnette, Best Dressed Hall of Famers Cheryl Creuzot and Yvonne Cormier at the Best Dressed event at Neiman Marcus. (Photo by Miroma Photography)

In anticipation of his fashion presentation for the luncheon, Neiman’s had a display of the designer’s dazzling fashions on display. It will be interesting to see how the honorees give a fashion nod to Khan at the luncheon as most of his designs are loaded with dazzling beading and are fashions fit for red carpet arrivals.

PC Seen: Past Hall of Fame honorees Cynthia Allshouse, Lilly Andress, Yvonne Cormier, Cheryl Cruezot, Eileen Lawal, Mary Lynn Marks, Rosemary Schatzman, Merle Yarborough, Phyllis Williams; plus Fady Armanious, Bucky Allshouse, Leigh Smith, Thurmon Andress, Brandon McClendon, Shawntell McWilliams, Bethany Buchanan, Stacey Lindseth, Karina Barbieri, Ralph Burch, Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl, Adrian Dueñas, Susie Distefano, and executive vice president and CEO of Memorial Hermann Foundation Anne Neeson. 

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