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Astros, Tilman and Mattress Mack — Shelby Hodge is Naming the Biggest Names of 2017 in Her New Year’s Poem: Annual Tradition Goes Houston Strong

BY // 12.31.17

T’was the night before New Year’s, And all through the city

The populace sang a hallelujah ditty.

Out with the old, and in with the new

2017, we’ve had enough of you!

But wait cried the Astros, whose star shines so bright,

We won the World Series on that grand LA night.

Let's Rodeo Houston!

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  • Bering's Gift's Rodeo 2024
  • Bering's Gift's Rodeo 2024

There’s one man we know who loved this past year

Our Jose Altuve had so much to cheer.

And now come the Rockets with promise of big wins,

Fertitta so happy his head nearly spins.

Alas, but the Texans have left us so low

It’s time at the top for someone to go.

Then there was Harvey, the storm was so bad

That across the area the scene was quite sad.

With Hurricane Harvey dumping oceans of rain

The flooding, the heartache wrought just too much pain.

Our hero Mattress Mack stepped up the plate

guaranteeing him entry into the holy gate.

But oh my dear friends, the show must go on

So we partied with Laurie and Tracy Krohn,

With Ceron, Megan Pastor and Katie Brass,

Randy Powers, John and Becca Cason Thrash.

We wined and dined throughout the old year

Kevin Black, Tony Bradfield and others so dear.

Diane and Michael Caplan, Austin Alvis and Holly,

Gordon Bethune, Jessica Rossman, they all are so jolly.

Michelle Watson, Mark Sullivan, Cal and Hannah McNair

Brian McCullough, Jeremy Garcia, how they party with flair.

Courtney and Bill Toomey, Lester and Sue Smith

Joanna and Brad Marks and Christina Stith,

Vivian Wise, Neal Hamil, and Fady Armanious,

Bill Baldwin, Pierce Bush and Rania Mankarious.

We surge toward the new year with high hopes galore

Marcus Smith and Heidi, Helene Zadok and Dror,

Terry Rambin, Bruno Brady, Tracy Dieterich and Valerie

Kristy and Chris Bradshaw all belong in our gallery.

Of all the fun friends we saw through the year,

The city of Houston holds you quite dear.

Bill Caudell, Reggie Smith and his stellar wife Leigh,

Jay Jones, Aaron Howes and his bride DeeDee.

And let us not forget the greatest of all

Jeff Bagwell, Hall of Famer in Major League Baseball.

Now leading the charge in 2018

Interesting folks will be making the scene.

Franci Neely, Phoebe Tudor and her husband Bobby,

Terri and John Havens, Janet and Paul Hobby.

Nellie Connally, John B. and Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl.

Courtney Tartt Elias and Chuck and Karen Stall.

The movers and shakers, they come and they go,

Next year we have eyes on Jim Hackett and Mo,

Katie Scott, Katherine Phelps, Cathy Cleary and Joe

Also the Jawdas, Charles Cohen and Clo.

Yes, the traffic is terrible, the city’s going high rise.

But have no worries as there is no demise.

With leadership wise and doing no wrong

We are poised to remain Houston strong.

Here’s wishing you all a happy New Year

With good health, good fortune and lots of good cheer.

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