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600-Pound Cake Creates a Ginormous Scene for the Food Network in Houston

Mattress Mack Pulls Off Another Unbelievable Stunt

BY // 07.08.17

Weighing in at more than 600 pounds, requiring five men to carry and serving 2,000, this was a Fourth of July monster cake with a “mattress” base so convincing that a Gallery Furniture customer — OMG — stuck his fist in it to test the resiliency.

Both Gallery Furniture‘s “Mattress Mack” MacIngvale and Who Made the Cake‘s Nadine Moon were game when the Food Network came calling in search of a monster cake to be featured on the network’s Ginormous Food  program. Moon had wowed Food Network producers two years ago with her 6-foot tall, 12-tiered, gold-dusted wedding cake and they wanted her back.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner and Mattress Mack in need of refreshment for the hundreds of customers that pour in on the holiday, the duo struck a deal to create a cake that would reflect the owner’s nickname and celebrate the holiday.

“It took us three days with a full team to complete the cake and the film crew recorded it all, start to finish,” Jerome Moon, Nadine’s husband, tells PaperCity.

The full-size twin mattress cake alone weighed in at more than 500 pounds. It was so big, that the Moons had to remove the shop’s front picture window because the 72″x40″ base was too large to go out the door. The “Tempur-Pedic” cake was authentic down to the stitching and labels, thus the customer who punched the cake (which was quickly repaired).

Atop the “mattress” was a Gallery Furniture delivery truck, weighing in at 75 pounds, complete with functioning headlights and a circular rotation. The truck was topped with several Independence Day inspired tiers and included two handmade monkeys (the store has live monkeys on display) and a figure of Mack holding a handful of bills, depicting his “We’ll save you money” trademark.

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According to Jerome Moon, the cake required 250 pounds of icing and 60 pounds of fondant and rose more than five feet from the base.

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