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New TV Series Launched in Houston’s Own Bat Cave

Ogling the Eyes Wide Shut Art’s Part of the Show

BY Mayra Vasquez. Additional reporting Catherine D. Anspon. // 01.27.17
photography Lizette Belen Soto

What: Creators and Collectors TV Launch Party

Where: Ken Christie’s Home

PC Moment: Art aficionados gathered to celebrate the launch of Ken Christie‘s upcoming online TV series, Creators and Collectors. Guests dressed to impress as they mingled in the host/founder/executive producer’s edgy warehouse-turned-casa, ogling a collection that would be at home in the film Eyes Wide Shut.

Canopy devised the culinary creations, while Stewart Skloss, who shared his inspiring biz story in an episode of Creators and Collectors sponsored the Pura Vida tequila bar. (FYI, Skloss’ segment features an interview with ZZ Top’s iconic Billy Gibbons, who has invested in the Pura Vida brand.)

While Skloss and Gibbons were there only in spirit, other profiled subjects turned out — Manready Mercantile‘s Travis Weaver, high-fashion shoe designer Joyce Echols, and artist McKay Otto, in from Wimberley for the night, joined by retired City of Houston Chief of Police Charles McClelland Jr., who is being filmed for a a future episode.

The show, currently being shopped to networks — season one is almost wrapped — provides insider access to game changers in the fields of art, fashion, business, entertainment, media, and more.

Who: TV series executive director Danny Foxx in from LA. with wife/actress Almi Alonso; producer Jennifer Pergande and husband David; Dawn and Richard Gervais; Carolyn Farb; ever stylish Cathy Echols in rose gold Martin Margiela with beau Christopher Gongolas, dishing with Ceron; the art squad including gallerists Barbara Davis, Enrique Guererro,Liliana Molina and Mauricio Vallejo, and Cindy Lisica with Alan Mur (the duo making an entrance on motorcycles); Paige and Smoot Hull (who appear in the Round Top episode); Greg Smallwood; Dallas posse/artists Heyd Fontenot and Erin StaffordMariana and Bob DebesMaurine Ford (attention getting in Prada); and One Light Stand photo booth gals Erika Pham and Christine Hsui, enlisted to capture the action.

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