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Powerhouse Jewelry Family’s Race Car Driving Son is Honored

Huge Daytona Win Spurs a Pulse-Racing Party

BY // 03.14.17
photography Daniel Ortiz

Fine jewelry might be the bread and butter (or should we say brioche and beurre) of the Boulle family, but the call of the race track is the raison d’être for 27-year-old Nick Boulle, son of de Boulle founders Karen and Denis Boulle of Dallas.

Since opening their boutique in River Oaks District 16 months ago, the family has appeared regularly on the Houston scene, usually for special occasions and celebrations. None has had more import for Nick than the soirée last week celebrating his win at the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona. With a team of four, Nick anchored the first and final segments of the endurance race held at Daytona International Speedway in late January.

So, of course, celebrations were due in both Dallas and Houston. As the River Oaks District event got underway, the roar of Ferraris could be heard throughout the center. By the time all had arrived, seven of the world’s hottest wheels were lining the sidewalks around the boutique where fans gathered like bees to honey. The winner of the race held court just outside the shop doors.

“I’ve always loved pushing myself and endurance motorsports,” Nick said. “There is something special about finding where the limit is, whether it’s cars or machinery or the mental side of things, the fitness side of things. A lot of that relates to business and in life. It’s a non-stop adrenalin focus. You can’t think about anything else when you’re on the track.”

The early evening celebration was a partnership between de Boulle, Paton Tequila, Ferrari of Houston and St. Nicola, the smart leather goods shop just across the drive from de Boulle. Owner Dany Daniel was among those congratulating the young racing star. Patron provided shots of Patron Reposado as well as the basis for the craft Boulle’s Blood Orange Magarita. A Fare Extraordinaire kept hunger pangs away with tasty fare appealing to both race car fans and fine jewelry aficionados.

Proud parents Karen and Denis Boulle were both in for the event. When asked about the dangerous side of racing, Karen responded. “It is very nerve-racking but he’s done it for so long. So even though I get nervous, I have so much confidence in him in what he does.”

There was a convenient tie-in as well between the race and the jewelry emporium. Nick was wearing his own Rolex when he won the race. The family has carried Rolex among its luxury timepiece collection for a quarter century. The prize for winning? A special Rolex Daytona, strong enough to withstand the rigors of endurance racing.

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