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The Bag Snob Knows It’s About So Much More Than Just Being a Star Blogger

Tina Craig On Empowering Women, Motherhood and Giving Back

BY Promoted Series Correspondent // 02.07.18
photography Samantha Jane

They are entrepreneurs and art patrons, executives and serious philanthropists. And they all effect change in Dallas in a personal way. PaperCity is zooming in on NorthPark Center’s 2018 Luxury Ambassadors as they embark on a year of supporting charities close to their hearts. This is the eighth story in the series — to read the entire series, click here.

Tina Craig

Founder, TC Design Consulting and Bagsnob.com

Cause: Best Buddies

Best Buddies memories. When Alisa Smith performed her amazing gift of signing at Jan Miller’s Home.

Positive influence. An influencer is no longer a one dimensional blogger writing or aspiring for things they love. Influencers now are brands themselves and have the ability to move product and engage consumers in a more meaningful way than any other arm in the fashion industry.

But we also wear many hats beyond influencing our followers to pull the trigger on a new bag. We are entrepreneurs, collaborators, content creators, and most importantly, story tellers.

Staying driven. I love what I do and wake up each morning excited to work because it is so much fun.

Staying hungry. Advice from my dad: never stop learning, curiosity and thirst for learning is what sets greatness apart from mediocrity.

Balancing a busy career and motherhood. Being a mother is the most rewarding and important job in my life. I choose to work but my son didn’t choose a working mother so I plan my work around his schedule. I’ve gone straight to football games after 16.5 hours from Hong Kong or Paris with luggage in tow! It’s exhausting but seeing his face light up when he sees me makes it all worthwhile.

I also would not be able to do it without the support of my husband. We prioritize our son first and everything else just falls into place. During fashion month I am gone for extended periods and it is often during this time that my son gets 100 (or 105 with bonus points) on his tests because they work harder when I’m not around. This allows me to work without guilt!

What it means to be a power woman. One who empowers other women.

What’s in Bag Snob’s bag? Small LV x Supreme wallet. Large makeup bag. iPhone.

The importance of giving back. My grandmother always said when you’re good to others, you’re being best to yourself. I never really understood it until i volunteered on Thanksgiving at a homeless shelter in downtown LA during my freshman year in college.

More about this series: Dallas is a city famed for giving back. Each year, NorthPark Center recognizes our city’s most influential philanthropists who are making differences in our community to garner further exposure for their favorite charities. 

NorthPark Center Luxury Ambassadors are hand-selected for their contributions and efforts in the areas of visual and performing arts, children’s causes, and research in health and sciences. Each year-long ambassadorship offers the opportunity to partner with NorthPark Center for various initiatives and events benefiting their favorite North Texas non-profit institutions. 

The program was formed in 2016 as an extension of the shopping center’s “Fifty Years of Giving” anniversary celebration in 2015.

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