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Oil Money at The Stoneleigh — Wild Penthouse Theme Parties Take Over Historic Hotel

A Dallas Time Warp?

BY // 09.20.17
photography Karlo X. Ramos

Stepping into the penthouse of The Stoneleigh on Friday night felt like stepping into the set of the TV show Dallas (the original, of course). The hotel’s opulent top floor lends itself ever-so-well to theme parties, something that resident DJ Blake Ward has taken full advantage of with his monthly party series, Disco, TX. September’s installment worked particularly nicely as Ward was joined by local legend DJ Sober for a blowout of 1980s excess, Texas style.

It wasn’t just the DJs’ perfectly-mixed new wave tunes or the hotel’s tacky-chic decor (plaid carpet, fringed curtains and lots of wood paneling) that made Oil Money feel so authentically vintage, though. It was more the fact that partygoers actually got into the theme and dress code – like really into it.

I like to think of theme dressing as my forté, but last Friday I got schooled. Just take a look at the slideshow above – shoulder pads, graphic eyeshadow, crimped hair and ten gallon hats were aplenty.

“I had no idea so many men owned bolo ties,” my friend mused.

Apparently there were dozens of Uptown guys just waiting for an excuse to break out the Western accessory.

Ward gets pretty creative with the themes — past parties have included “Life on Mars” with an interstellar dress code, and “Drink the Koolaid,” which called for cult couture. Thus, it’s not much of a surprise that Friday’s guests went above and beyond the call of duty for the ’80s Texas dress code.

“Theme parties are great because everyone that attends wants to be there, and they know what to expect. You aren’t going to have a group of people off the street walk in and ruin the vibe,” Ward says. 

The DJ’s parties have brought a breath of fresh air into the historic hotel, which was recently devoid of nightlife. You can check out the Stoneleigh’s ritzy penthouse at the next Disco, TX party on October 13 – theme TBD.

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