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Party Pics — Ylang 23 Hosts Intimate Dinner Party to Celebrate the Work of Foundrae Designer Beth Bugdaycay

The Jewelry Designer Reveals the Latest Treasures From Her Collection

BY // 11.11.21

Jewelry store Ylang 23 has long been Dallas’ ultimate jewel box for the most beautifully-crafted pieces this city has seen. A staple and quintessential brand to the fashion culture of Dallas, it also serves a collection point for the most innovative designers.

On October 7, the iconic brand celebrated one of its beloved designers, Beth Bugdaycay of Foundrae, with an intimate celebration at Dallas’ buzzy new dining establishment, Monarch. Tables were bursting with lush, fresh florals from Grey Gardens. The spirit of celebration was sifting through the air in a contagious manner, as Bugdaycay (who flew into Dallas for the event with her husband and business partner Murat Bugdaycay) revealed her latest treasures from her Foundrae Collection. Guests received handmade ring dishes from the new collaboration between Foundrae and the Laboratorio Pavavicini. 

This was the first large scale event Ylang 23 hosted since the pandemic began. The reunion among the staff and its faithful patrons and clients was that of pure bliss. Upon arrival at the dinner, guests had the opportunity to meet Beth Bugdaycay in person, and learn about the inspiration behind her latest collection. Guests even had a chance to shop some of her personal favorites she curated for the evening, while she shared her vision behind each piece.

PC Seen: Ylang 23 founders Joanne and Charles Teichman and their daughter Alysa Teichman, Vice President, Business Development for the brand. Foundrae co-founders Beth Bugdaycay and husband Murat Bugdaycay. Guests included Amy Key, Danielle Cornett, Leslie Needleman, Cristina Lynch, Hannah Fagadau, Sharon Lee Clark, Brittany Barnett, Renda Matthew, Karen Katz, Suzie Blumenthal, Ronah Jungerman, Tacie Stanfield, and more.