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This Dallas PR Guru Knows That Everyone Needs Help in Life at Some Point

Robert Weatherly Strives to Give Back, Knows What a Real Difference The Family Place Makes

BY // 10.28.19
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In its third year, NorthPark Center’s Ambassador program boldly merges the worlds of fashion, art, and philanthropy, by way of celebrating Dallas’ top influencers and the nonprofits they support. NorthPark’s chosen few embody a rare-air kind of style — a group that contains equal parts fashion sense, civic leadership, and larger-than-life personality.

Here, we catch up with PR guru Robert Weatherly and learn about his passion for The Family Place. The Family Place, which fights domestic violence in North Texas, is holding its key fundraiser with the Partners Card at the moment.

A Partners Card (which costs $70) lets purchasers save 20 percent at more than 750 participating stores in North Texas and 10 percent at participating restaurants through November 3. It is a North Texas shopping bonanza that’s been around for 27 years, one devotees look forward to every fall.

Weatherly knows why its so vital. Here, he shares more:

Why The Family Place.

I selected The Family Place for the important work it does for so many families affected by domestic violence. It touches everyone in our society and needs constant and long-lasting support.

A benevolent memory.

I will never forget a story shared to us, during a board meeting, by a wonderful lady who had been helped by The Family Place. She told us about her life before The Family Place and the wonderful transformation that occurred for herself and daughter due to the love, support, training and guidance she received.

Having a job with her own office and financial independence was her ultimate dream and she was able to achieve it with the assistance and the confidence she gained from The Family Place. I will never forget her story and the proud smile on her face while sharing her success.

Philanthropic influencers.

Giving back has always been such an important part of my philosophy and way of life. It’s quite simple. Everyone needs help at some point and everyone can give something back. I’ve been fortunate enough to always have compassionate, empathetic and giving people in my life that have taught me it is the only way to exist.

Role models.

I have many. Anyone who is kind, caring, giving, thoughtful, intellectually curious, humorous and has a zest for life.

NorthPark Center is at the center of combining art and fashion. Describe your own art and fashion interests. 

I love simplicity and detail in both art and fashion. I have a special interest and appreciation for photography and architecture. When it comes to fashion, I am drawn to the classic and timeless with attention to fabric quality, structure and detail.

The perfect day.

Sitting on the beach at the One & Only Palmilla, enjoying the ocean view with a great novel and cocktail or spending time laughing with friends and loved ones.

Your day job.

I connect people. I have a PR Consulting Firm — Weatherly. I assist clients in solving their challenges and achieving their goals by facilitating targeted and effective introductions. I help them build strong meaningful and lasting relationships by showing them how to better engage with their clients.

Looking forward.

I will always support the incredible and much needed services that The Family Place provides. Recently, I joined the Board of Directors of Big Brothers & Big Sisters International and I’m very excited to see how we can better serve kids in need around the world.

NorthPark memory.

Years ago when NorthPark hosted Fashion Week, Eve (the Rapper) gave an amazing performance at the last night after party. The crowd went crazy. Everyone was smiling and yelling the lyrics. It was a blast.

Advice to your younger self.

Be present and enjoy every moment. Appreciate your life and experiences. Let others know how much they mean to you. Relationships are everything. Always be kind and empathetic.

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