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Tilman and Wyatt, and Super Surprises Galore, Oh My!

Shelby Hodge is Naming Names, Making Houston Sweat

BY // 12.31.16

Twas the start of the New Year and all through the city

The entire metropolis was Super Bowl giddy.

Mayor Turner, Ed Emmett, Sallie Sargent, Ric Campo

The big guns were loaded with chic gridiron ammo.

NRG was ready with Wi-Fi that works.

No more Instagram, Twitter and Facebook smirks.


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Potholes are patched and Hobby Airport expanded

Broadway Boulevard looks like Hollywood landed.

Thanks Mayor Turner for letting us keep Uber

For without it, this week would not be so super.

Party planners work overtime to meet the demand

Richard Flowers, Fontaine Swope — such a merry band.

Deborah Elias, Rebekah Johnson plus Ward & Ames,

Planning parties relentlessly for the week of the game.

But who to the showdown will certainly go?

Tickets are pricey, it takes lots of dough.

Billionaires club members, they might make the game.

But we bet Sarofim and Kinder will at home remain.

The Hildebrands, the Duncans, the elusive Friedkins, who knows?

With billionaires, honey, anything goes.

But one who is sure to make the Super Bowl scene

Tilman Fertitta, with his posse and big bucks team.


From football to taverns, we take a quick turn

And to all the cool spots where social credits we earn.

Steak 48, B-19, Le Colonial, State of Grace

Nabbing a table or bar stool is always a race.

And then for the wet spots that boast nighttime lore,

Kirby Ice House, Hay Merchant, and Local Pour.


But now to the sleek and the chic I must mention

For without our big names, I would risk detention.

Courtney Hobson, Greg Fourticq, Sarah Dodd and Ceron,

My how the list of notables has grown.

They’re out and about and all making the scene

Todd Fiscus, Cathy Echols, and Shawn Virene.

Stuart Rosenberg, La Becca and her hubby John

Melissa Mithoff, the Mafrige family including Don.


We remember gentle people who made this year rock

Lynn Wyatt, the Borlenghis, Cathy and Gary Brock,

Phoebe Tudor, Mark Sullivan, Sheri and Grant Roane

Yvonne Cormier and Rufus, Shannon Hall, Marcus Sloan.

Romy Lauren, Randy Powers, Charles Clark, Bryan Caswell,

Tony Bradfield, Kevin Black and all those so swell.

Julie Roberts, Bobby Dees, Reggie Smith and wife Leigh,

Brenna Croom, Pierce Bush and blogger Fifi Phi.


The party boys how we love them starting with Jeff Shell,

Continuing to Fady and the gent with whom he does dwell.

Michael Pearce, Matt Burris and Michael Mandola

Add Bubba McNeely, all as colorful as a box of Crayola.

Neil Hamil, John Dascoulias and Clifford Pugh,

A toast to our guys, naming just a few.



Thanks all to of our friends both loyal and true

Sheridan and JE, Lester Smith and Sue,

Karen and Mike Mayell, Janet Gurwitch and Ron

Terry Rambin, Franci Neely and on and on.

Sharon Adams, Roxanne Neumann and her hubby Tim

The Allshouses, the Solomons, we’re all in the swim.



The New Year means a new team for this social scribe

And I join PaperCity with bundles of pride.

Holly Moore, Monica Bickers and Catherine Anspon

Jim Kastleman, Chad Miller, Chris Baldwin and on.

Hannah Swiggard, Matthew Ramirez and Jailyn Marcel,

They’re talented, fun and all downright swell.

And please don’t be hurt if your name wasn’t mentioned.

With so many to include, omission was not my intention.

So with that as my closing, I’ll bide all adieu.

For next year, this rhyme just might include you.

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