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A Smokin’ Hot Birthday Party, Ladies Only, Stirs Up the Scene at Billionaire’s Steakhouse: Fifty’s Never Looked Like This Before

BY // 01.29.18
photography Eugene Lee Images

The “Happy Birthday, Hottie Tati” invitation was on the mark as anyone who knows Tatiana Green, the Russian beauty married to a Houston trial lawyer, would agree that she is smokin’. Hubby Bob Green took over a slice of Mastro’s Steakhouse for an all-girl birthday fete that turned heads throughout the packed restaurant.

Dressed to kill, cleavage on parade and with eyelashes to die for, the baker’s dozens of beauties joining the party were show-stoppers even amid the see-and-be-seen crowd that packs Mastro’s every night.

The birthday girl’s BFFs Debbie Festari and Lisa Whipple assisted Bob Green with the party planning that included a life-sized cutout of Tatiana in one of her signature slinky sequined dresses. (The original cutout was delayed due to ice storms, so Alfred Lim Graphics Impression stepped in and whipped out a convincing image.) The gal pals also arranged for a surprisingly realistic birthday cake — a bottle of champagne on ice — from Three Brothers Bakery.

For this milestone, hard to believe 50th birthday party, Tatiana’s mother, Raisa Shlyakhovets, flew in from Russia for the festivities. The celebrants included Annie Amante, Elizabeth Petersen, Stacey Soriero, Elaine Block, Irina Litvak, Catherine Ozdogan, Jennifer Pinkerton, Tricia Verbois, Katarina Tehlirian, Hollie Dorsett and Eva Englehart.

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