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Famed Dallas Honky Tonk Hosts Launch of $73 Million Fundraising Campaign

BY Karlie Morris // 07.22.16
photography Kelly Alexander

What: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas celebrates fund-raising campaign

Where: Gilley’s Dallas

Who: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas president and CEO, Jennifer Sampson; Ron Corning, Carole and Scott Murray, Diane and Hal Brierley, Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Millie Cooper, Ellen and Allen Barker, Susan Hoff, Michelle Thomas, Debra Brennan, Laura and Jason Downing, Lynette and David Seaton, Clif Webb, Margaret and Chad Windham, Marianne and Roger Staubach, Michele and John Stephens, and Babe Laufenberg

PC Moment: Gilley’s was packed with donors and volunteers who gathered in celebration for the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas as the organization kicked off their philanthropic season. Smiles were bright on everyone’s faces, as they should have been— they were celebrating the launch of a record $73 million campaign.

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