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World-Renowned Artist Alexandra Nechita Debuts Her Newest Exhibit in Houston

Meet The Artist at Off The Wall Gallery This March

BY // 03.19.24

Art lovers, get excited. World-renowned, Romanian artist Alexandra Nechita is leaving the sunny skies of Los Angeles and heading to Houston where her new exhibition, Lens of Realization, will debut at Off The Wall Gallery. Nechita will be there on March 22 and 23 to kick off the fanfare with a bang.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alexandra Nechita’s work, she’s an artist you should immediately get acquainted with. She started her career at a young age, constantly drawing and filling her life with color, lines, and form.

Born in Romania, the artist learned English once she started Kindergarten and turned to art as a form of introspection as she wrestled with the language barrier. By third grade, she had amassed 100 canvases using oil paints and started hosting showcases at libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, and more. By age 10, she signed her first multi-million deal. The rest, as they say, is history.

Just this past month, Nechita partnered with iconic brand 7 For All Mankind on a special International Women’s Day collaboration. As a Romanian, Nechita has celebrated International Women’s Day all her life, so when the brand approached her about putting her own unique spin on the holiday, it was an easy “yes.”

Nechita helped transform the brand into “7 For All Womankind,” with a portion of the proceeds of its new two-tone T-shirt featuring a female head silhouette embroidered into the crewneck (painting the human form is something Nechita is known for) benefitting refugee women and children displaced to climate and war. The shirt was launched with an honorary party at the brand’s Century City location.

“Transitioning beyond the gallery experience is exciting,” says Nechita. “My goal is to make art accessible and an experience for people, and these new vessels – such as this shirt – is a great way to do that.”

Now, with that collaboration in the rearview, it’s time for Nechita to turn her attention to the debut of Lens of Realization, which she attributes to her own experiences of growth and evolution.

“Everyone goes through these phases of growth and evolution, but not everyone is always aware and cognizant of them,” Nechita explains. “I live very intently and deeply in every phase of my life. My art is very intimate, therapeutic, and expressive. It’s representative of the moment I find myself in, and that’s what Lens of Realization means.”

World-renowned artist Alexandra Nechita debuts her newest exhibit in Houston.

Nechita says she is committed to having strong messaging in her work and making a statement with her platform, creating a dialogue about things often best left unsaid or uncomfortable.

“It’s hard to be in my studio and not paint about the elephant in the room,” says Nechita. “I consider painting a problem-solving process. Every single time I’m in my studio, I’m confronted with another obstacle, and it’s my duty through these formal skills that I have to try and solve it.”

Nechita says that Lens of Realization is about the shift she has personally gone through over the last year as a mother, partner, and artist — the evolution of herself. She says it’s about accepting the need to release things she’s thought were unequivocally true, such as that there was only one right and one wrong, but instead, bending our perception and adjusting our lens to be a kinder, better member of our community.

“Your perception is everything,” Nechita continues. “You can make the worst situation positive, eventually. We can adjust the way we experience things and how they move through this. How we release these things is how we impact the people around us, and we need to understand the impact and power we hold on the people we surround ourselves with – whether that’s family or friends or even on a larger scale.”

Nechita attributes a large amount of this growth and reflection to the parenting she’s had to do with her two children, teaching them right from wrong, and unconditional, non-judgemental love alongside kindness and compassion. 

Lens of Realization includes 20 canvases and two sculptures. Nechita says that despite holding exhibitions for 30 years, opening nights and “meet the artist” experiences are always her favorites.

“Meet the Artist nights are always my favorite because I think they legitimize and validate the experience for people,” Nechita explains. “I’ve always found them to be so important to support the work. The ability to talk to people about the paintings, walk them through the piece, and also understand how they perceive things is invaluable. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of my career.”

Nechita invites everyone, regardless of whether they have the means to purchase a piece or not, to attend the exhibition.

“I want to democratize the art experience,” she says. “You never know when you’ll find something visually enhancing, or something that will move you emotionally. I want to remove the stigma of attending an art exhibition. Even if you can’t afford the art, you can enjoy it, love it, live it, and experience it. I think there’s something so beautiful about this fundamental, traditional, and tactical experience.”