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New Dallas Art Gallery on Dragon Street Comes From Four Strong Women Who Turn Loss Into Hope

ALG Collective is Not Just Another Art Place

BY // 06.04.19
photography Sara Kerens

ALG Collective, a multi-media art studio and showroom for four female artists, just opened in the Design District. The studio, located at 1302 Dragon Street, is spearheaded by Anna Lou Curnes, a Dallas based glass artist.

Curnes began breaking glass after her sister passed away from cancer. She saw it as a way to work through the grief. After breaking apart colorful pieces of glass, she’d then arrange them back together to form a mural. Anyone who has lost someone close can relate to having to break things down completely in order to make them somewhat whole again.

Curnes then creates beautiful and bright murals, glass flowers, and mirrors from those pieces. Her process is simple. First, she smashes sheets of colored glass, then smolders, melts, and fuses it. She basically plays with fire for a living.

ALG Collective Artists (Photo by Sara Kerens)
Anna Lou Curnes, Annie Griffeth, Christi Meril and Melissa Ellis make up the ALG Collective. (Photo by Sara Kerens)

Loss is a common theme for the four artists that came together to open the ALG showroom and workspace. Each has lost either a sibling, father or mother at an age where you’re not really supposed to lose them yet. But you’d never know that when walking through the studio.

All of their works are colorful, whimsical and vibrant. Each has a different style, but they blend together in one space so well.

Annie Griffeth creates pop art murals that emphasize storytelling. Originally from Oahu, Hawaii, she infuses magical realism with Hawaiian-inspired pop art. A focus of hers is the Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell’s archetypal story pattern. She covers social issues and transformative life events, as well as the joys and challenges of every day life.

A Dallas native, Melissa Ellis grew up in Plano. She specializes in abstract and contemporary nature oil paintings. Her works looks as if they are literally jumping off the canvas. She describes it as “organized chaos” due to her “unique palette knife painting style.”

And Christi Meril is a contemporary artist who makes abstract mixed media works on canvas, wood and paper. Also from Dallas, she’s gained inspiration from traveling to the Rocky Mountains, New York City and West Texas. She’s also influenced by human rights, sculpture, blown glass, stained glass windows and architecture.

ALG Collective (Photo by Sara Kerens)
Christi Meril creates abstract art with wood. Courtesy of ALG (Photo by Sara Kerens)

According to Curnes, the collective developed organically.

“As creatives we seem to share the same beliefs regarding our approach to art as it relates to each of our personal journeys,” she says. “We allow our workspace to embrace a family style environment that directs the growth and evolution of our art, our collaborations and our community involvement.”

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