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Fine Fare at Anderson Fair

BY // 03.27.15

What a turn of good fortune it was to connect with Maria Moss and Jon Hogan recently in the Heights, where the Texas-based musicians/troubadours were on a shopping mission for the authentic 1930s clothes they wear during performances of their extraordinary scorch folk music.

Not sure what scorch folk sounds like? Neither was I until I listened to a couple of their CDs incessantly over the past month: Go Lightning (2011) and Reuben’s Train (2014). The pair of traveling performers, who loosely live in Austin but are really on the road year-round, take the stage at gigs from Nashville to Kerrville (that town’s acclaimed Folk Festival). Most recently, they returned from the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, where they performed in a lineup with fellow artists from Cuba, Spain, France, Canada and even a blues player from Karachi.

Hear Hogan & Moss in Houston this Saturday, March 28, 8:45 pm, at the legendary Montrose musical venue Anderson Fair (tickets

Revel in classics from the American song book spanning 1927 to 1958, including hits from the Carter Family, rendered in the unique Hogan & Moss take, which is pitch-perfect with plenty of feeling. Whether sweetly poignant or old-timey, rhythm rousing and upbeat, this music will transport you to another place and time.

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