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Time for MTV Re:Define

BY // 03.27.15

This explosive exhibition, auction and musical gala is perfectly packaged as the best art-saturated rock ‘n’ roll philanthropic party of the year.

The fourth annual MTV Re:Define promises to rock the heart of Dallas Arts Week. Paddle8’s internationally recognized founder, the dashing Alexander Gilkes, will conduct the auction of museum-worthy works donated by current and future art stars such as Cindy Sherman, Elmgreen + Dragset (of Prada Marfa renown), Tom of Finland, Aaron Young, Wolfgang Tillmans, Donald Baechler, Rosemarie Trockel, Phil Collins, Leif Ritchey, Zoe Crosher, Loris Gréaud, Richard Phillips, Julian Schnabel, Dzine, Mario Testino and current Dallas Contemporary headliners David Salle and Nate Lowman (who acts as music co-curator with buddy Dan Colen, who also contributes). Kenny Goss and Joyce Goss shared a few highlights from the extremely impressive roster of creatives, who magnanimously contributed. Read on for seven on their radar and why the artists are donating, as well as a preview of the pieces curated for one of Texas’ biggest art benefits of the year.

On the Block: Gallery Retail Values
From senior master/honoree Michael Craig-Martin to red-hot emerging talent, this year’s MTV Re:Define’s offerings range from four- to six-figure acquisitions to whet collectors’ appetites.
Michael Craig-Martin: $200,000
Nate Lowman: $140,000
Richard Patterson: $40,000
Joe Reihsen: $15,000
Matthew Darbyshire: $14,500
Chris Succo: $11,500
Sam Friedman: $9,000

The Big Night
Hosts Joyce Goss and Kenny Goss; co-chairs Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Kari Schlegel Kloewer, and Krystal Schlegel; art chair Elisabeth Karpidas; auctioneer Alexander Gilkes, Paddle8 founder; art curators Peter Doroshenko of the Dallas Contemporary, Ed Bartlett of The Future Tense; music curators artists Dan Colen and Nate LowmanPaperCity media sponsor
Honoring: Artist Michael Craig-Martin
Where: The Goss-Michael Foundation, 1405 Turtle Creek Blvd.
When: Friday, April 10, 7 pm cocktails, canapés and performance; 8 pm dinner and auction
Benefitting: MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Dallas Contemporary
Performance: I.U.D. (Lizzi Bougatsos and Sadie Laska)
Tariff: Tickets from $1,250; tables from $10,000
Contact:; online bidding via

“The Goss-Michael Foundation’s involvement with The Staying Alive Foundation actually began in 1998 with a documentary film by our co-founder, George Michael. His film sought to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS within young communities as a preventive tool. I’m proud to continue this effort with our event. In its fourth year, we’ve raised over $4 million to date while supporting artists at all levels. I’m also honored to pay tribute this year to Michael Craig-Martin, an extremely influential artist and mentor to a generation of students, as well as a dear friend.” — Kenny Goss, host

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Kenny and MTV on this exciting event. I’m thrilled to connect the Dallas community with these talented artists and important galleries as well as honor the monumental efforts of Michael Craig-Martin.” — Elisabeth Karpidas, Art Chair

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“I’m super-excited about Re:Define returning to The Goss-Michael Foundation. It’s the perfect location to both showcase the world-class art we have this year and have one hell of a party at the same time!” — Ed Bartlett, The Future Tense

“While we all welcome the great medical advances that have been made in the treatment of HIV and AIDS, the most effective response remains prevention … Bringing this information to vulnerable young people around the world has been the special mission of Re:Define. This is a cause that deserves everyone’s support. Of all the sculptures I have made, the Umbrellas have always been amongst the best received. Despite being flat, they provide a powerful illusion of three-dimensionality. Despite the weight of the steel they are made from, and because their support is hidden underground, they appear to rest as lightly on the grass as the real thing. I hope this one will find a good home.” — Michael Craig-Martin

“My donation is a large-scale photograph from a new series whose subjects are golem-like figures based on small plastic toy soldiers reconfigured with oil paint to suggest the sensual and the phantasmagoric. My ‘golems’ first appeared in the 1990s as large-scale oil paintings, most of which are in international collections and museums. I’m proud and happy to be a part of The Goss-Michael Foundation’s continued dedication to the Staying Alive Foundation. I would particularly like to thank Kenny Goss and George Michael for bringing together art, artists and benefactors from here in Dallas and around the world.” — Richard Patterson

“It’s an honor to be supporting MTV Staying Alive and Dallas Contemporary — both equally innovative and above all both extremely vital. Untitled: Shelves No.1 uses 12 of my favorite vintage Avon bottles. I’ve grown obsessed with these things over the years on a formal, sculptural and ethnographic level — their symbols embody this weird and wonderful bogus ethnography that although totally dubious is probably about as reliable a lens through which to view western culture as any other. Yep, they’re a kind of sculptors dream — the ultimate ready-mades!” — Matthew Darbyshire

“Chris Succo’s painting for Re:Define is one from a series of white paintings, works that are made through a repetitive gesture in which the white paint conceals or masks the underpainting. Though the mark making can at first appear redundant, there is actually a sort of controlled chaos to it … The titles of these works hold an importance as they refer to music or song lyrics, something that greatly informs Succo’s practice. By participating in Re:Define, Chris is honored to have the opportunity to bring awareness to such an important cause. — Raphaela Renggli, The Journal Gallery

“It is a heartwarming honor to be invited to join with so many extremely brilliant and influential artists, to be part of this cause, the importance and urgency of which cannot be overstated. The work I will be contributing has to do with intimacy and alienation in a digital era. The works engage with language of digital and photographic technologies, but are created entirely in analog.” — Joe Reihsen

“This piece was in many ways a continuation of a series of 50 smaller works, all titled Happy Place … The painting is ultimately about painting itself, but the subject matter shown is simply the good life. Unfortunately that good life is something that can be quickly taken away from those who are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS and their loved ones.” — Sam Friedman

“I’m happy to offer my painting Dollar Flower to Re:Define’s auction. It is an example of a new series that I’m very excited about, and I’m pleased that it might help an essential cause.” — Nate Lowman


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