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Google’s Hilarious Art App Snubs Texas (For Now)

Viral Selfie Matching Fun Not Available Here

BY // 01.16.18

The Google Arts & Culture app got an update over the weekend and, in case you haven’t heard, the newest feature will help you find your fine art doppelgänger. The selfie feature uses Google’s face-matching technology to match your photo to “similar” looking portraits from a database of over 70,000 works. Take the word “similar” with a grain of salt here.

The results range from spot-on to hilariously inaccurate – and maybe a little ego crushing. While some users have found uncanny matches, others have had a more humbling experience (like actress Kirsten Bell, who was matched with German composer August Manns).

Guys, this app is DEAD ON.

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In any case, it’s proven to be an enormously entertaining and popular feature. Since the update, the Google Arts & Culture app went viral, moving into the number one spot on the free apps lists for both iPhone and Android.

Did you download the app with the hopes of finding your long lost art twin? Me too. Couldn’t find the face matching thing? Me neither, and no, we’re not doing it wrong.

There’s one huge, glaring problem with the update: The selfie feature works everywhere in the United States except for Texas and Illinois.


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That’s right, everyone in the country is finding their art doppelgängers (and bragging about it on social media) except for us. The FOMO is real, and Twitter users are sounding off on the issue.

As a Texan who loves art and selfies, I feel personally snubbed by Google.

The reason for the location restriction is unclear, but Google said in a tweet on Monday that it will improve and expand the feature.  When it will come to Texas is yet to be determined. Hopefully, the Lone Star State will get in on the selfie fun sooner than later – until then, you can find me wandering around the DMA looking for my other half.

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