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Gremillion Fine Art Gallery Hosts Its First and Final Sale in 40 Years

It's Your Last Chance to Shop The Renowned Gallery Before It Closes For Good

BY // 03.06.23

Calling all art lovers! Gremillion Fine Art Gallery, the esteemed and iconic gallery on Houston’s Sunset Boulevard, is hosting its first and final sale through the end of March. Trust us when we say it’s one you don’t want to miss.

After 40 years of sourcing and selling some of the city’s finest art, Ron Gremillion and his renowned gallery are liquidating its extensive collection including pieces by both established local and international artists. The nearly 500 pieces included in the sale (the majority modern-leaning) reflect Gremillion’s passion for introducing patrons in a wide range of income levels to meaningful, quality art at an equally wide swath of price points. The sale also includes pieces from Gremillion’s personal, private collection curated throughout his famed career.

During the sale, art covers every wall of the original, two-story gallery building and five of the first-floor offices have been repurposed into intimate, single-artist exhibition spaces. Given the sheer volume of the collection for sale, about half of the pieces are on display at once, rotating throughout the sale.

The sale is an opportunity for seasoned art collectors, as well as first-time buyers, to acquire inspiring works of art at substantial savings with pieces ranging from $200 to nearly $200,000.

Once the sale ends on March 31, Gremillion Fine Art Gallery will permanently close its doors and complete its storied, four-decade-long career. The space at 2501 Sunset Boulevard has been sold and will be renamed Horizon on Sunset, debuting as a reimagined multipurpose space in phases beginning in late Spring 2023.

Let’s preview some of the works available during this once-in-a-lifetime sale:


“The Measure of All Things” by Fernando Casas is on sale at Gremillion Fine Art Gallery this month.

The Measure of All Things by Fernando Casas

This 24-inch by 32-inch lithograph by Fernando Casas is currently on display in the gallery and available at a 20 percent reduction, offered at $1,876 for the art and frame. The multi-dimensional piece combines the motifs of time, space, and measurement for an eye-catching investment.


You’ll also find “Untitled” by Batu Jagchid on sale at Gremillion.

Untitled by Batu Jagchid

The 30-inch by 30-inch oil on canvas work by Batu Jagchid may be untitled, yet it’s anything but nondescript. Also on sale for 20 percent off at $5,000 for the art and frame, Untitled embraces a wide variety of earthly tones (with blue, green, white, and brown hues) while sprinkling in pops of color with yellows and reds meeting the eye. Is it the earth meeting the sky? The sun meeting the mountains? Only Jagchid knows.


Gremillion Presence
Found at Gremillion Fine Art Gallery, “Presence” by Bruce Brainard is a beautiful piece.

Presence by Bruce Brainard

Brainard’s 36-inch by 60-inch oil on linen masterpiece, Presence, is also available at a 20 percent discount and currently listed at $8,500 for the art and frame. A stark contrast to the vibrant colors in Untitled, Presence reflects a misty, calm, and serene landscape marked by trees and the faint glimmer of sunshine in the distance. The piece beckons the eye beyond the forest and into the unknown, tapping into natural human curiosity and exploration.


“Perfect Strangers” by Jerrold Burchman can be found at Gremillion Fine Art Gallery.

Perfect Strangers by Jerrold Burchman

Perfect Strangers is a 36-inch by 36-inch acrylic on canvas offered at a 20 percent reduction for $8,500 for the art and frame. This piece unites color, shape, and pattern to create a true collage of motifs that blends seamlessly together while creating a distinct separation between each aspect of the piece.