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Dallas Art Force Expands to California, Creating a Network of Galleries — The Incredible Growth of Markowicz Fine Art

The Godfather of French Art

photography Roger Paperno Photography

Bernard Markowicz, owner of Markowicz Fine Art galleries in Miami, Dallas and now California, has quickly made a big footprint in Texas since opening his Dallas Design District gallery in 2019. In fact, his introduction to the Lone Star State came from coordinating the procurement and installation of French-Israeli sculptor Idan Zareski’s Babyfoot at the Oak Lawn entrance of the Design District. And just recently, Markowicz revealed Zareski’s latest sculpture, “La Nena,” on the terrace of the W Hotel.

“Dallas is the second gallery I opened,” Markowicz says. “It was not in my plan to expand and do a network of galleries. But it came up as an opportunity and I sold a sculpture at the entrance of the Design District. I went to visit and I like the people and the ambiance.”

A couple of years later, Markowicz now visits Dallas once a month, always making a point to dine at his favorite restaurant, The Charles. He says he’ll be increasing his visits to Dallas, as he now has three galleries, spread out from coast to coast.

“I already have my boots and I just need to buy the hat,” Markowicz quips of his Dallas connection.

Markowicz Gallery_3_2575 (Photo by Roger Paperno Photography)
(Photo by Roger Paperno Photography)

His newest gallery had its grand opening earlier this month in Laguna Niguel, California. The 6,000-square-foot gallery is the latest addition to Orange County’s dynamic art scene and community. It is committed to featuring a concentration of museum quality artwork from both established American artists, as well as international and European artists not typically featured in the United States.

“It’s also a design center and the feedback we are graciously receiving is there is nothing like it in Orange County,” Markowicz says. “We are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind artistic experience to the region.”

Markowicz’s pedigree runs deep in the art world — as a collector, investor and gallery owner. Originally from France, Markowicz began collecting art at the age of 16. He spent his entire summer working at a beach resort and made an investment in a local artist. Two careers later (originally starting out as a software engineer), he now maintains strong ties to the Bel-Air Fine Art network, one of the leading contemporary art gallery groups in Europe. In his adopted hometown of Miami, Markowicz has cultivated a reputation as “The Godfather of French Art.”

For more than a decade, Markowicz Fine Art Gallery has showcased an array of established international artists and exhibited at prominent art fairs across the country. Those visiting the 4,300-square-foot showroom in Dallas can expect to be immersed in nearly 200 works of art from internationally known artists, including Kai, Idan Zareski, Lyes, Annalu, Stephane Gautier, Ted Collier, Arno Elias, Carole A. Feuerman, Francois Bel, Alain Godon, Marilyn Minter and Tom Wesselmann.

The gallery will also be a part of an international tour of museum exhibition by French artist Alain Godon, that will be celebrated in museums in France, then stopping at Markowicz in Dallas and on to Laguna Beach, and will finish his international tour back in France in the city of LE TOUQUET, where French President Macron has his vacation home.

“There are so many artists I’m excited about in Dallas in particular, including Lyes, who has a very interesting concept that is very zen and relaxing,” Markowicz says. “And Kai is a street artist that I’ve represented for six years. He’s become more and more famous.

“The outside wall of my gallery has been painted by Kai, and we even have some projects in the works going on with the Katy Trail.”

This is a creative maestro who is always working on coming up with something new, something that makes the art resonate.

To learn more about Markowicz Fine Art, its Dallas gallery and its California expansion, visit the full website.

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