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Psychedelic Robot Returns to Dallas, Takes its Mind-Bending Art Wonderland to a New Level

Step Inside the Art and Play

BY // 06.06.19

Psychedelic Robot, an immersive art installation, is coming back for round two in the Hotel Crescent Court complex this Friday, June 7. The show first popped up in 2018, planning to only have a 10-day run. It was so popular that 10 days turned into several sold out months.

This time around, the 13,000 square foot space will be putting 21 artists from around the world’s work on display across two floors at 500 Crescent Court, Suite 154.

The concept comes from Michael and Karen Bivins, who own Bivins Gallery at the Crescent. Although most of the artwork in their gallery is vibrant and playful, Psychedelic Robot was something even more fun that they could do on the side.

“This is somewhere that not only established artists, but emerging artists can show their work,” Michael Bivins tells PaperCity.

The installation is not just Instagram-worthy for visitors, but a place that new artists can gain exposure and get their careers started. And in this day and age, the Internet is where it’s at.

This week, PaperCity got a sneak peak of Psychedelic Robot 2.0. Here are some of the artists whose work you’ll be immersed in while walking through the space.

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LeCash began creating murals around his neighborhood in East Los Angeles in 2016. This was his way to curb violence and create a sense of community amongst his neighbors. One of the first pieces you see after entering Psychedelic is his giant Mickey Mouse mural on the left wall. He also creates paintings using acrylic and spray paint on plexi-glass.

LeCash at Bivins Gallery. (Courtesy of Bivins)

Crystal Wagner specializes in alternative use of materials. For Psychedelic Robot, she wrapped a large portion of the wall with reusable material in blue, green, pink, purple and white colors. She’s also done projects all over the world, such as a 117 foot piece at Viacom’s headquarters in New York. Wagner finished her Dallas project in 10 days in order to get to France and begin wrapping Belcastel, a castle in Aveyron.

Layer Cake, aka Sean Sullivan, is from New York. He’s multi-faceted and works in music production, clothing and stencil art. A lot of his mixed media paintings include pop culture characters like Speed Racer and Popeye. Several of his pieces are in the Psychedelic space.

Layer Cake
Layer Cake creates mixed media paintings.

Kamille Ejerta, known as OG Millie, will also have some pieces in the installation. She is from New York City and is a visually impaired street artist. With acrylic paint, her most recognized work is painted on vintage decorative mirrors. She also paints murals all throughout the Tri-State boroughs.

OG Millie Mural
The OG Millie Mural is part of the fun.


Other Texas-based artists participating are sculptor Nic Noblique, Brandon Adams, Jerod Davies aka DTOX, IZK, Laura Moore, Travis Haas McCann, Joe Skilz and Tex Moton. Juan Carlos Cristóbal does some awesome colored pencil art, which can also be seen in Bivins Gallery. Rudy Hetzer IV is also a Dallas-based professional tattoo artist (Dallas Tattoo and Arts) and painter with an emphasis on canvas and mural art.

Outside of Texas, artists have come from all over to install their work. Russian artists Denis Mikhaylov and Lidia Vitkovskays explore seduction and emotional intellect in art and life. Then there’s French street artist Mr. Brainwash and anonymous Punk Me Tender.

Brooklyn artist DAIN is known for his street art and NYC multidisciplinary artist/ photographer David Drebin created a really cool piece that involves balloons. Also New York City-based is Burton Morris, who has been in the art world for 25 years. He’s famous for the Warhol-esque school of art and creates pop art with iconic subjects. One of my favorites in the installation is his Pop-Tart pop art.

Other stand-outs are the “1969” room with artwork related to the year, several life size arcade games designed with different Marvel character themes, and a whole little room designed by anonymous Omnibus. And Dallas-based ThanxZoe created a giant mushroom involving CDs that you can’t miss when you enter.

This year, there will be a cash bar to purchase drinks while perusing, guest DJs and live acts. Across from the space at the Crescent, there will also be a VIP lounge for late night drinks and bottle service, which plans to be open from around 9 pm to 2 am.

Tickets can be purchased for $35 online. The installation is open on Fridays from 5 pm to 10 pm, Saturdays from 1 pm to 10 pm, and Sundays from noon to 6 pm. The plan is to close up shop on September 29.

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