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The TV Shows You Need to be Binge Watch Right Now

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BY // 06.06.19

It’s been a while since we last shared with you what we are currently Binge-ing. Back in October, your friends at the PaperCity Dallas offices confessed to you that we spend our fair share of time in front of the television. So, as we enter the lackadaisical summer months we thought we would give you some options for being the ultimate sloth and parking yourself on your couch for some Netflix, Hulu or Amazon fun.

This week’s Now Hear This question is: What’s your current binge obsession?

Christina Geyer, Dallas Editor-in-Chief

I am a creature of habit — and more a book person than a TV person. So, when it comes to binge-watching I tend to find myself rewatching beloved shows (or films) over and over and over again. I’m currently without a good binge-watch show, which means I’ll probably opt for something I’ve seen before.

With the recent release of the Downton Abbey movie trailer, perhaps I’ll rewatch the series. (One can never have too much of the Dowager Countess.)

Lisa Collins Shaddock, Senior Editor

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As any seasoned Netflix-watcher knows, bingeing is a marathon, not a sprint. Juggling a dozen or so different shows with varying degrees of intensity and emotional attachment at any given time might as well be an art form, so I will break my answer to this complex question down into three parts.

What I’m currently watching: Killing Eve. Come for the allure of a fashion-obsessed psychopath who wears Giambattista Valli and Dries van Noten between cold-blooded assassinations, stay for Sanda Oh’s award-winning performance as an intelligence officer spiraling into obsession. My husband and I have also started watching HBO’s Chernobyl which is deeply upsetting but we’ve been totally sucked in.

Killing Eve is the type of show you can’t stop watching.

What I just finished watching: Veep. There is a bittersweet satisfaction in saying goodbye to a series but being able to introduce it to someone who has never seen it. If this is you, please watch Veep, which just concluded its seventh and final season. I am going to miss Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer and laughing until my abs were sore.

About to watch: Big Little Lies Season 2 – can’t wait to see what’s next for the ladies of Monterey.

Billy Fong, Culture and Style Editor

Since writing the first binge-watching feature last fall, I have since picked up a subscription for Amazon Prime (previously I only had Netflix, maybe I think I am rich now).

I am beginning to realize that binge-watching is somewhat like the way that many describe Chinese food: “You eat it and you’re hungry again an hour later.” In the case of these shows, I feel thoroughly satisfied whiling away a complete Saturday and Sunday, but now thinking back on these shows, barely a month or two later, I have a hard time even remembering their plots.

Some of the shows I have been devouring (and then forgetting about a month or two later) include The Killing, Dead To Me, What/If, The Umbrella Academy and The Society. The last one I am absolutely in love with — or at least one of the sub-plotlines. SPOILER ALERT: Sam and Grizz forever!

It’s a charming and thoroughly endearing romance between two high school boys that isn’t syrupy sweet. I wish I had some of those stories to emulate when I was growing up.

Honestly, the one show that I have watched the longest of any is 60 Minutes. Growing up it was a tradition to have Sunday night dinner and then the family would together watch the weekly CBS news magazine. Lately, I haven’t been free every Sunday evening, so I am happy that CBS offers them On Demand for an afternoon of feeling like I have gotten in some quality television.

Megan Ziots, Dallas Digital Reporter

Most recent binge: Sneaky Pete (Season 3)

Anxiously awaiting to binge-watch: Orange is the New Black (the final season in July)

Currently hate-watching: Riverdale (Season 3)

Will be trying to finish watching for the rest of my life: The Americans

The Americans is worth binging no matter how long it takes you to finish it.

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Look for the next installment of Now Hear This from Billy Fong soon.

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