Artist’s Largest Mural Ever On Display in Uptown

Will Heron's "Intergalacti" Can Be Found on McKinney Avenue

BY // 02.17.23
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If you take a walk through Uptown’s tree-lined streets, chances are you’ll stumble upon one of the neighborhood’s gorgeous murals. Uptown Dallas Inc., the neighborhood’s public improvement organization, is a big advocate for public art, and it’s continuously adding to its collection.

In its latest collaboration, Uptown Dallas Inc. teamed up with local artist Will Heron, in collaboration with Meow Wolf and John Lee, property owner of 3203 McKinney Avenue, which is now available for lease, to bring Will’s largest mural to date to life. At an astonishing 7,000 square feet, the mural is titled “Intergalacti.”

“Public art should be an integral part in any city’s planning and design,” says Anita Simmons, Uptown Dallas Inc. Director of Marketing, Communications and Events. “It’s a valuable investment that will make a positive impact on the neighborhood and can be done in many ways, including public-private partnerships.”


Intergalacti Unveiling9
John Lee, Will Heron

According to Heron, the mural utilizes common themes and aesthetics used throughout his public artworks including the prickly pear cactus – a species native to the black land prairies of North Texas – mixed with black and white “Wheron” textures such as stars, clouds, raindrops, and rainbows. The overall composition centers around giant lily pad portals blooming with different cactus-lotus flowers, ultimately referencing the symbolism of a lotus flower’s ability to grow and thrive even in the muddiest of waters.

“I hope the mural not only adds beauty to our city and the Uptown neighborhood but on a deeper level reminds viewers that LGBTQ+ Texans have been here, are here, and will continue to be here… growing and blooming together,” says Heron.


Intergalacti Unveiling6
Ted Harpham, Becca May, Will Heron, Wendy Harpham

“Working with community-driven organizations like Meow Wolf and Uptown Dallas, Inc. was a perfect partnership, as they both share my passion for creating art in public spaces. This giant mural in Uptown is just a small taste of the deliciousness Meow Wolf is bringing to the metroplex (including collaborations with over 30 Texas artists in the permanent exhibit) when we open in Grapevine this summer.”