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Now Hear This — Our Favorite Instagram Follows

The Trendsetters, Icons, Fashion Gurus and Dogs You Need to be Tracking

BY // 11.30.18

For this week’s Now Hear This PaperCity Dallas office question, I decided to venture down the rabbit hole of social media. Like most of you out there, everyone at PaperCity always has their smartphone within reach and is continually monitoring Instagram. A few of us are still devoted to Facebook, but the consensus seems that we like the ease of Inta and the immediate satisfaction it delivers.

Check out some of our favorite Instagram follows:

Christina Geyer, Dallas Editor in Chief

Where to begin? First of all, I follow many style/fashion/luxury brands — but I’m not going to list any of them here. I follow them for research and inspiration but am a big proponent of following things on social media that teach you something or make you laugh — things that aren’t just shiny, flashy and often unattainable objects.

Obsessed with Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) of Queer Eye fame, mostly because he does voiceovers for his cat, who is a faux weatherman. I check Beth Stern (@bethostern) every single morning, first thing, to see what her posse of foster kitties are up to. Okay, enough to make me sound like a cat lady.

InStyle EIC Laura Brown (@laurabrown99) is another fave, mostly because I think she is one of the very few editors in the style world doing relevant work at the moment. Always follow the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@dswt) for elephant rescue updates.

A few other musts: Reporter/writer/editor Elizabeth Holmes (@eholmes) for her So Many Thoughts posts; Overheard LA (@overheardla) for LOL moments; Diet Prada (@diet_prada) for fashion 411; Aerin Lauder (@aerin) because #majorgirlcrush; too many Aman properties to count; and for food, Healthyish (@healthyish) and Basically (@basically), both produced by the brilliant minds at Bon Appetit.

Oh, and right now, I’m particularly obsessed with NASA (@nasa) because of the recent InSight mission on Mars.

Lisa Collins Shaddock, Senior Editor

Staying connected with friends and family, discovering new talents, and sourcing travel, fashion, and design inspiration are just a few of my obsessions that lead me to open Instagram an abnormal amount (you can find me there @lisaconstance24) so for this question, I will have to focus on just one: paper. No matter how many images of beautiful calligraphy or hand painted crests I see, I never tire of it — especially when they are posts from @happymenocalstudio, @stephaniefishwick, @mrsjohnlstrong, or @arzbergerstationers, who printed my wedding suite I designed with @ellis_hill_. (I also love @overthemoon for dreamy wedding invitation pics and all-around bridal gorgeousness.)

And I don’t know what life was like before following @jooleeloren’s hilarious account and her spot-on illustrations. I also follow a concerning amount of dogs.

Billy Fong, Culture and Style Editor

First off, I will admit I was exceptionally late to this party. I was an early adopter of Facebook, but when it began having way too many bells and whistles, I silently faded from my online presence. That said when I discovered the ease of Instagram I was immediately smitten.

I am hopeful that PaperCity’s HR department will allow me to take a sabbatical to truly devote more time to Instagram. I really feel like I need at least 28 hours instead of the cliché 24 hours in a day to discover all the wonder that is happening on the screen of my phone.

Some of my favorites Instagrammers include: Lauren Santo Domingo’s (@thelsd) posts are just so other-worldly and speak to the glamorous, jet-set lifestyle that I secretly want. Yes, many times, she falls in that trap of making her life look a little too perfect. It’s so frustrating to see the feeds from lifestyle experts/gurus (of which there are now way too many to count — did I miss that they actually offered that major in college?) telling us how we should live our lives and demonstrating through what seems to be their picture-perfect existence.

I’m not a massive design aficionado, but do appreciate Ken Fulk’s (@kenfulk) posts. He does just the right mix of him (often in intriguing ensembles which give me idea’s for my own) with friends (who are often celebrities), some of the interiors he has created or spaces that he finds inspiring.

The 80s IT Girl, Molly Ringwald (@mollyringwald). Anyone who knows me knows that I am trapped in that era and pretty much know every John Hughes movie by heart. I like to see what Claire Standish (points to anyone who knows that character and which film she was in) is up to daily.

Dallas’ very own, stylists extraordinaire Nini Nguyen (@ninstyle) and Diamond Mahone (@diamondmahone). They both have exquisite taste and an innate sense of what’s coming next. Also, I’m obsessed with Nini’s daughter, Sage. She is a style icon (and is likely only four or five years old). When I mentioned that I get ideas for outfits from Ken Fulk (@kenfulk), I likely get more inspiration from Sage. For those of you who know my monthly column “She’s The Bomb” in PaperCity‘s print edition, I’ve been dreaming of doing a Baby Bomb on Sage.

Samantha Olguin, Senior Account Manager

So so many, but in an attempt to be succinct, these are four of my daily go-to’s: Because, oh my gosh, she fosters the sweetest baby kitty angels and I love them all and thus follow Beth Stern (@bethostern).

Because she is a boss babe and I love her style — Venzedits (@venzedits).

Because all relevant fashion information, news, and trends are here — The Zoe Report (@thezoereport).

Because she is an amazing and real woman who makes doing it all look oh so good — Ginger Zee (@ginger_zee)! She came out with a book about her battles with mental health and it is so real and so refreshing to see a story like that come from someone who smiles so big each day (She is the meteorologist on Good Morning America). It is so encouraging how she overcame the dark clouds in her life and now shines so bright… and more people should get talking about this issue and how common it is! Also, I want to be a meteorologist in my next career life!

If you ever have something you want our team to address, shoot us your thoughts via social media or email (@papercitydallas on Instagram; on Facebook; or yours truly, Or, better yet send a message to the office, handwritten on the Smythson stationery of your choice — and feel free to include a bottle of Veuve. Champagne really helps get the ideas flowing.

Look for the next installment of Now Hear This from Billy Fong next Thursday.

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